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Mobile Apps Need Geo-Fencing for Location-Based Messages

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Google maps: “The destination is on your left!”

Have you thought how your network providers get to know where are you roaming? For no surprise, as the name suggests Geo-fencing plays an important role in defining geographical boundaries. The admin can set a virtual boundary from a satellite view. Users who such avail mobile application services are required to do one thing, that is to keep their location on.

How can this technology be incorporated into real-life applications?

  • Law enforcement

A location sensor fitted in any object can alert authorities if that object crosses the defined premises.

Referring to phones, so many cases are solved due to the tracing of the location of these mobile phones. Mobile app developers have opted to develop so many security apps especially for girls which alerts when cab location paths get deviated or unknown device enters some private area. 

  • Home automation

When the smartphone or any location-enabled device leaves the geo-fenced perimeter of the home, the appliances connected to it would sense and get turned off or minimize their usage to save electricity.

  • Track trace-in

The employer or manager can easily track the path of a truck driver if he breaks the route. The restaurants can take a note of where the delivery boy is going, therefore, tracing the route can solve package missing or wrong delivery problems. Now almost all mobile app developments dedicated for delivery work have geo-fencing intact.

  •  Employee management

An employee’s ID card or Smartcard can alarm the authorities if the person enters any private or restricted area in office perimeter. A student’s entry can also be tracked if he/she enters administrative department where his entry is not allowed.

Geo-fencing device can be added to important official documents and tracked if permitted boundaries are crossed. 

Following are the benefits of having Geo-fencing for Mobile Marketing:

1. Better targets

when you know that the target audience has just entered near your vicinity through location enabled alerts, you can easily monopolize yourself by making the audience aware of your services and existence. 

2. More engagement

The target audience is more likely to get involved with your mobile applications if the broadcasting of your messages reaches the right person with relevant offers in the geo-fenced area. Mobile marketing can easily be increased after incorporating this technology. 

3. Increased efficiency

Of course, when you know the demand and the target audience as well as the location where it should be implemented, you will send specific offers to people that can improve impact you create on buyers, thus escalating your communication motives.

4. Relevant data capture

Yes, this is an important point to seek through as you get more and more relevant data gets collected according to the approachable nearest locations. You can also get access to private data thus using big data analytics to expand your business and make related strategies.

Steps to make location-based messages using geo-fencing

  • First find your audience, who enters/exits near your vicinity. This will give truly personalized engagement to people using that particular mobile application service.
  • Build your messages and check how they perform.
  • Control your location-based marketing campaign manually by defining your boundaries virtually.
  • Once you find the positive response from your messaging strategies, just activate it and start analyzing data on physical locations 


This is all you need to know about geo-fencing. It’s an important technology to keep an eye on workers because nobody can be trusted nowadays. Android mobile app developers all over the world are using this technology in every innovative and possible manner. For marketing, using geo-fencing has helped people to improve their business by engaging people in automatic location-based messages. 

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