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Future of virtual mirror technology in shopping

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“Getting undressed multiple times is not fun, but that’s what we do on a shopping routine.”

Technology is there to ease our life; at least Virtual Mirror Technology is really helping us. It eases our life and adds values in it with a completely different experience.

Virtual Mirror Technology is the latest development in the technology and retails shopping experience.

How do you typically do shopping?

Don’t get annoyed by this question, this is easier to answer as we all go to the shopping mall, get into any store and then “try & buy” things.

This is what we commonly do, but how does that impact on our shopping behavior and experience with a pinch of technology in it: because we all understand, the pain of going to fitting room with lots many dresses and trying them.

Virtual Mirror Technology

This is the technology advancement in the new age of technology and experience. A virtual mirror or smart mirror is a device that displays an individual’s own image on a screen as if that screen were a mirror.

This is the key feature of “Virtual Mirror Technology”, which allows an individual to use it as a mirror as well without getting trouble of rushing between store-collection to the fitting room. One of the most frustrating “to and fro” motion of an individual’s life; can we avoid it, yes with help of technology.

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, Which in these dresses is best suitable for?”

Yes, you don’t need to be a princess to have a “talking mirror” the “Virtual Mirror Technology”, will let you experience the same with just a movement of your hand or your gesture. 

You must be surprised that how the “Virtual Mirror Technology” works; we have a clear explanation here. The “Virtual Mirror Technology” is a combination of RFID technology and augmented reality at the same time.

This works as a virtual fitting room for users, without going into the “fitting room”. This technology has been studied long before in the year 2011 by tech giant Cisco Systems, Inc. 

Later on, the same has been shared with many shopping outlets to use as a display as better user experience. The interactive mirror in their dressing or fitting rooms, rather the conventional fitting room.

Many shoppers and users, as well as the retailers, are experiencing the flow of interest with many beneficial outcomes of using this technology. Need not to say that this would be the “game changer” in shopping.

We must remember that mobile application developers have used the similar technology in some online shopping apps to give a feel of “real-time” user experience. This is really helpful, as one don’t need to try everything, simply use it and get the feel of wearing the same dress, specs or cloths.

It makes sense that you can try 100s of dresses in a few minutes.

Similarly, the “Virtual Mirror Technology” works as the user just need to stand in front of a virtual mirror and take the desired dress too. It will scan the dress and will place it on your image, now you can easily check whether this dress looks good on you or not.

If not, then try another in the same way. It is timesaving and keeps us hassle-free.

The things are not just limited to trying a new dress; there are a lot many features here.

Users can easily alter the lighting in the fitting room if needed. The mirror also helps you to view how the outfits look at different times of days, shoppers can decide in a better way.

Shoppers don’t need to try the product physically. The long queue at “LifeStyle” store is not going to bother you anymore.

In fact, this will ease your selection of clothes without going into the changing room.

In the same list of features, shoppers are free to select a different color or size option for a garment the mirror can be used, which alerts a sales associate that you have changed the size or color of the product to buy. In fact, developers are working on some other advanced features to improve the user experience as “Online instant payment” and “Contactless payment” methods to make an instant purchase.

Somehow, this technology will increase the buying habits of shoppers; the decision-making will be easier now. In short, the use of the virtual mirror will subsequently make shopping a profitable business in the future.

This is a win-win situation for shoppers and retail stores. Storeowners don’t need to keep each product in their store to maintain the uniqueness.

In fact, there is no need to follow the conventional manner of a retail store, the manpower can be reduced to save the cost associated with the staff salary and other expenses.

The “Virtual Mirror Technology” is a unique approach for the engaging the customers, retain them and increase the shopping volume. On the other way around, shoppers will save some of their valuable time, the efforts to try outfits physically, the problem of finding the favorable color and log queue for payment; this would be revolutionary in the retail world.

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