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Most Common Mistakes to avoid while choosing an Outsourcing App Development firm

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Looking to outsource app development on your next project? Avoid these common pitfalls before outsourcing.

There are numerous stressful situations in one’s life and developing an app is definitely one of them. Be it owing to missed deadlines, lack of communication or ill-functioning servers, numerous things may go wrong as you work on your project. And this is why most businesses prefer to outsource app development. After all, having an experienced offshore team can really reduce the stress by taking a major weight off your shoulders.

But as you choose to outsource the mobile app development Make an Inquiry about this news, keep in mind a few proper steps, or else it may escalate the anxiety instead of decreasing it. Here, we will be discussing a lot of crucial mistakes which companies often make while outsourcing app development. Once you go through this, you will be able to make a better choice while going for outsourcing app development, as then you would know everything that you need to know.

Crucial Mistakes that Enterprise often tends to make:

As we begin, let’s understand that the mistakes which will be covered here won’t put the responsibility totally on the client. Because out there you will find a number of companies that are incapable and inexperienced to bring your project to fruition. By following our advice, you can avoid these firms and saves a ton of money and also your precious time.

The foremost thing to remember is that intensive research needs to be done as you choose outsourcing app development.

Mistake 1: No Market Research on the Company

Here you need to find answers to all possible questions in your mind. Like, look for the success rate of the firm. Find how many apps have been developed by them so far? In case, there is even a slight doubt or satisfaction, it’s time to move forward to the next one. After all, having complete satisfaction with a team and its work is imperative.

Solution: To deal with this scenario, ask the firms for their portfolio, so you can have a better look at their past workings. In fact, you can go ahead and talk to their former clients for reviews so to know them better before you engage in any kind of long-term commitment with that outsource app development agency Make an Inquiry about this news.

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Mistake 2: Choosing the cheapest app Quote; simply choosing money over quality

Often while picking a mobile app development company, people tend to fall for the lowest quote. Like, you could be on a strict and might be unable to afford the outsourcing app cost by top firms, but you think you should let cost be the factor to influence your decision.

There are firms that quote a lesser market price to allure clients, who are then served with poor-quality services or asked to pay more than decided cost.

Solution: First initiate a comprehensive market research and then do a cost compare with service they’re offering. Also, ensure you don’t sign the deal unless you’re empowered to connect with development & business analysts to discuss your app idea. Never pay the whole money in one-time. Rather, ask the firm to break down app project in different milestones along with cost associated. This way, you can easily figure out the amount the money that’d be utilized for every individual module of the app development process, and thus, it would assist in hiring the right firm.

When you invest in mobile app development for the first time, or on a time-budget, choose developing an MVP (Minimum Viable Product Make an Inquiry about this news) from an experienced firm and release the full-edition once you get enough funds to support it.

Mistake 3: Hiring a firm that doesn’t follow Latest Trends

Nowadays, users are tech-savvy and desire for something new, innovative and simply mind-blowing every time. Thus, by hiring an outsourcing app development firm, not adhering to modern techniques and technologies, will end you with an app that users won’t even love to try.

Solution: Before you make the final decision, ensure that the firm is developing apps as per the current market scenario and demands. Have a discussion regarding the techniques and technologies they work with as well as check their portfolio before you make a decision.

Mistake 4: Having no Clarity for requirements

Often people simply contact app development firms, stating, “They want an app like SnapChat or Uber, and so on…” Pretty clear, they’ve no clear company and simply assume that the developer on the other side is going to read their mind and deliver just the kind of app they are dreaming for. This is one common mistake made by clients while hiring a firm to meet their app requirements.

Solution: In such a situation, it is advised that clients make a complete list of features and functionalities they want in their app. Also, they can create a wireframe of a prototype describing the entire app flow. This will be helpful to you and your hired developers to discuss all features and find what is crucial and feasible to ensure success.

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Mistake 5: Not communicating enough with the team

Importance of effective communication simply can’t be denied, be it hiring the services of an app development firm or to explain your ideas to outsourcing team. It is vital that app designers and developers are able to have a clear understanding of what the client is expecting the app to look like.

However, in case there is a lack of communication between both sides, then there is a problem. The app development team will then take their own decisions without consulting or taking approval of clients. Or, it could be that the client has no interest in keeping constant touch with the app development team or to view the progress.

Solution: In case, it is due to the difference in culture in language, then begin by having little interaction like on emails, video chat, Skype, or phone call. But ensure that you do keep in touch at regular notes and if possible, even meet at times so to communicate more efficiently.

Final Word: Taking care of the above-mentioned points, you will ensure that no mistakes are made during the app development process when assigned an outsourcing app development firm. Meanwhile, in case you have made the big mistake of opting for the firm, then it’s never too late to make a U-turn and choose the other one. It is really an unwise move to work with the wrong company knowingly.

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