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Your app is launched finally, what else can be beautiful than that…when you know the mobile application you have developed is ready to hit the market with a bucket full of your business goals and users expectations in it.

But what you realize that even after getting it developed from a leading mobile app development company Make an Inquiry about this news, yet it fails to receive even the BY-CHANCE download from the users, who love to stay back on your mobile app contrary.

Such a clichéd moment it is, first users are not downloading, but if they are downloading then there is no uninstall or bounce rate also on your mobile application.

But what is wrong then???

Yes truly a question which only triggers the stress factor further in your head, but jolting with stress would not suffice the need of the hour, but there needs to be a fool-proof solution for the problem.

BTW, what’s the problem???

The problem lies largely and majorly between the completion of the development journey and the publishing of it finally.

Have I confused you more???

My mistake, thus my sincere apologies…L

Actually, the problem is with the way you have published your application…

I agree it’s name is unique; it’s description was unique and even the screenshots…

No here you are wrong, your screenshots were not right in any case.

Shocked to hear that…well I too was, when the team of marketers from the leading app development company in Canada- Techugo, made me aware with the real situation, and then I realized that a simple screen-slide can change the fate of your application’s success entirely

Well, what is this all about and why am I too much focusing on it, everything I am going to scribble down in this blog piece today, just unleash it further to escape from the horror of mistakes…

What Is The Worth of Screenshots

53% of Android users and 47% of iOS users find their last app through store searching

Whether you are representing an established brand or you are a promising entrepreneur, the worth of a mobile app is the same for you and the success pattern followed to make it recognized can never be ignored.

The somersaulting snake of competition is ever growing and is ready to bite every application, which becomes an easy prey for it.

In such an environment, indeed the efforts made to make these mobile apps worthy, cannot be avoided but at the same time, you need to put efforts to get it noticed by the users.

In this journey, you make many efforts, right from hiring the leading developers in integrating the best technologies and the features, but where you fail is at the publishing of it with a proper marketing channel.

Since most of the business owners live with a misconception that a development journey ends with the development process, but as a matter of fact, app development is just one phase for it and with publishing, you begin a new chapter.

The app screenshots play an increasingly important role in the success of your application.

But I know somehow you still not convinced and thinking WHY… so here you must read…

  • They are the first impression an app gives to the customer
  • They comprise of around 75% of the listing on the Store search result page
  • Well-designed screens open the application to entirely new and large customer bases
  • Less than 2% of users open the full description
  • The targeted audience is primarily influenced by the quality of the app’s screenshots after the reviews
  • Visuals help in grabbing the attention faster than written content
  • With screenshots, you can reduce the user acquisition costs
  • App screens attain the potential customers’ attention and convince them to download it further

Now when you know that why the screen-slides are needed, that second big thing you must know is that how to create ENGAGING screens for your mobile app.

Explore The Process

As I mentioned above, the visuals have the power to mold the users' attention towards them and the screens have the worth of acquiring the thousands of downloads. Below I am going to cover some of the steps you must consider before making PERFECT screen slides for a successful application product.

Majorly you are being given the liberty of using 5 screens, so before making the selection answer few questions…

  • How would these screens describe the functionalities?
  • How would the selected screens send the right message to my audience?
  • Will my audience understand the benefits or the services of my business?

Once you get the reply, then sift down the competitors’ mobile apps, and see what new they have done or what you must not do to trigger the download process. Now…you can start…

Step #1

Splash Screen Needs To Be Perfect

I concur with you, that you designed a great splash screen, but it is futile if it speaks nothing.

Remember your very first screenshot must work as a synopsis of your application and must be seen by the potential users as a reflection of what your concept is all about and why it is so great.

Do some HOMEWORK on your own business and its concept, and find out that which screen displays best about it.

Accordingly, pick one most suitable from the perspective of the users, and make it work.

Step #2

Don’t Forget To Localize Your Screenshots 

Your app is multi-lingual but your screens are only in one language, which creates a barrier.

Upload screenshots in each of the language your targeted audience is available for, I know it sounds scary, but the pain taken here could be proven worthy to market your application somewhere else than in your country. 

Step #3

Add Explanations

Illustrate your screen-slides further by writing a bit of explanation on them. With this strategy, users would fathom what exactly the screen is all about and it is also a great value for your users to convince the potential users to buy your services through the digital platform.

Use plain and easy-to-understand language, no technical jargons or the high-end vocabulary should be used to confuse the users further.

Step #4

Make a Mini-Tutorial

With your screens you can create a story about your services, so the users would understand the flow of the ios app development Make an Inquiry about this news and its functionalities, which would certainly not be clear to your users on the first attempt.

Step #5

Test To Improve

Don’t forget this step in any given situation and help your screens and the application further by testing that how I can be optimized further.

Also, don’t go ahead with once posted and then long forgotten scenario, but to build users’ interest further, keep adding and changing the screens after a period of interval.

Last, but not the least, the success of an application does not just rely on its looks, but before reaching the looks, users must get through its peek-a-boo game which is outshined by the right and the accurate screens.

With this hope that now you would be able to design the best and the most suitable screen-slides for your app, I bid adieu to you all today but keep watching this space for more unconventional but interesting tech-related topics…

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