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Features your disaster management app must have

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The force and the anguish of Mother Nature can be thrown on anyone and at any time without announcing the time of wrath to occur.

Sadly there is very little anyone can do to save from its terrifying aura since the catastrophe and the devastation experienced as a consequence of nature’s toxic flavor, are heart-wrenching.

No matter how civilized or tech-nerd we turn out to be, something which holds us back is the fury of nature, which is unpredictable and shocking at the same time.

In such a disconsolate situation, app technology can bring a hope or relief.

No, it won't stop it at all but would help you to get secured and saved from the aftermath of nature’s outrage.


This is the question even I pooped on hearing the technology handling the rescue operation, then on discussing further with the leading mobile app development agency Make an Inquiry about this news in the UK, I was informed about the unique app concept and that is for the Disaster Management.

What Is This Application All About???

A disaster management platform helps the people across the globe to save many lives through the relief work, shelter and the required information to get the support needing for that hour.

This application is used by the people to track the storm, tsunami or any predictable natural calamities and receive the alerts in the time of danger, and plan the evacuation routes in advance.

We all have our share of stories to speak, and having experienced something like this, can really give you the necessity to save more lives during times of such falls.

Now when you have checked the significance this app portal holds, the very next thing comes how to make this concept more powerful and scalable with the right set of features.

Let’s take a look at some of the MUSTs to be included in the feature gallery of your disaster mobile application.

#1 Feature

Informing Users In Advance

I agree it is against the human power to fight against the will of God and it gets worse when you fail to prepare yourself to combat the issue.

The panic-stricken ambiance of nature’s wrath turns into a horrific situation when you realize you are in the danger, and there is nothing which could be done now.

The spike in technology has given the chance to predict the disaster in advance, by letting the app users receive the alerts and prepare in advance and spread the message to love and dear ones.

This is not just about sharing the alerts, but there is a pool of advice which can be accessed through the disaster application to indicate the visible measures which can be taken in advance.


Feature #2

Well-Being Information Sharing

The information coming all the way from your family members in the hour of danger is a must looked factor.

The chaos is expected massively in the event of after calamity has passed since the traces of tragedy creates a huge ruckus amongst the people, and in this rush, the information of your family members well-being is a huge necessity.

The mere thinking of the injury or any other harm occurred to your loved ones, run a chill on your spine.

But this issue can easily be resolved with the app for the disaster management, where a simple touch on the Smartphone would send a message, which users can customize, to everyone in the contact list.

Undeniably this feature would release a big stress bubble from you and you can heave a sigh of relief by hearing from your loved ones.

Feature # 3

Tracking in real-time

There are many other ways of mass communication, which release the information about the expected natural hit, but the ability to track the exact and the accurate location is largely missing, due to the unapproachable situation in such areas.

In such a situation a disaster application comes handy for your need, to reflect that when and where the disaster is going to hit.

With this feature, the users can get the ample amount of information to be assured with the right preparations to go along with the right much before the danger occurs.


Feature # 4

Location monitoring

To have the sense to understand the nature’s plan is beyond humans reach and the immediate danger is always hard to be guessed.

But certain natural hazards can be predicted by monitoring the location, and this is easy to be achieved with a mobile application.

The emergency alerts from the application save the lives of users and help them to reach a safe area.

Feature # 5

Evacuation Route

Now you know where and when the situation would be deteriorated, but what’s the best way to escape from that area or in other words what would be the evacuation plan.

Many times, people get dependent on the followed theory which makes the situation more chaotic than ever before.

In such condition when the disaster has already taken place, and you need a shelter to evacuate, an app platform helps you sail through effortlessly.

It helps the users to check their location on a real map to make an effective escape plan and seek the help in the nearest and the listed shelters at the earliest possible.

Apart from these basic and fundamental features you also need to ensure that your app is well-tested since it deals with the live updates and crashing would only make your app get dumped in a fraction of second, hence you must keep a strong check on your mobile app and its performance.

Also, the application must serve the localization functionality based on the targeted audience, failing to which your app product would never gain the popularity in spite of having a series of needed features.

Remember, with the right steps taken at the right places within the app, a large number of lives can be saved and people can be prepared to deal with the misfortune fell form the nature’s basket.

Hence, you must include and test every required app feature in your app and help your app to become a voice of the global cause.

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