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Mobile app success largely depends on the success rate of user acquisition, and if your app is not liked by the users than sorry to say but your app is nothing but a waste.


Yes, I must be sounding rude to you, but do you know this level of rudeness is nothing to the negative feedback your app receives from the hands of the users.


Did I touch the wrong vein???

I must have, but right now my aim is not to heal the pain, but to provide you the solution to overcome from this blunder, which submerges your app, deeper and down deeper.

24% of apps are abandoned after the first attempt to access

The stats are shocking and it can be further sabotaging your business and its brand identity which you had a plan to enhance the app platform.

But do you know why does it happen???

App Testing??? No, not just the app testing, but failing to address the right concerns during the app testing…

I know it must have jumbled up your brain with enough number of confusion and you must be wondering what can be those issues which you fail to pop-up in the app testing Make an Inquiry about this news journey.

Well, to avoid every possible iota of confusion from your mind, we are here today to help you take a sneak into the tunnel of app testing…just read ahead this post…

Q- Is My App Intuitive?

Something which irks me most is the wrong usage or inappropriate usage of the advanced technology, which pokes the user-friendly zone with its acerbic nature.

An intuitive app does not just need of the hour, but it is the first and the foremost expectation from the users, who want to address their problems with an app platform, but in return, they get an app, which has the complex navigation and difficult structure, which in total declare the app NON-FRIENDLY.

If you really want your app not to get abandoned or thrown away by the users, then you must test the app interface, which is equally important to checking app bugs.

Q- Is my app creating OOMPH amongst the users?

An app can never be expected to be once used and then forgotten scenario.

Rather a successful app always brings the users back on the app portal.

Hence the app engagement factor in your mobile app cannot be given a slouched shoulder.

Get your app tested on this parameter as well;

  • Whether your app is able to recall the users on its portal?
  • Are the users getting enough reasons to ditch your competitors but use your app?
  • What is the value users are receiving from the app?

If you get the answers to these questions in denial than you need to find out the ways which can help your app to make users stay glued to its interface, and what other ingredients in the form of app feature can be given to app to help it earn the title of a versatile and most desirable app in the market.

Q- Is my app offering the clean content?

I know it must sound absurd to some of you out there, but believe me with an app you carve a personality check for your business as well.

An app which offers the typo errors, like grammar, spelling and incomplete words, become a target of users’ wrath in no time.

And this approach destroys your business image to the limit that it can never stand back on its once popular podium.

Don’t give a skip to these small but vital aspects.

Conduct a reality check with your mobile app’s content and don’t avoid the accuracy of it.

Your app users are the best critics, and they know what they want and failing to receive they only turn their backs to your mobile app. Don’t make this happen to your app, and help it achieve the pinnacle with the association of right testing team of a leading mobile app development agency in uk Make an Inquiry about this news, to help the users to perform their tasks in a streamlined manner and make sure your app give a reason to your targeted audience to make their lives better.

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