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Top 5 ways to reduce costs and save money when building an app

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Every business has to shift onto an app to reach the large audience. But the fact that it takes a lot of funding to get developed one, most of the businesses step back to this idea.


When you are not aware of extra expenses then it seems like you haven’t done any. After reading this game-changing article, you will realize how business startups have wasted money on things they weren’t supposed to be.

Building an app is not as expensive as it seems. How? Keep reading!

Top 5 ways to reduce costs and save money when building an app


Assemble the requirements properly

Are you in hurry? No? Then make sure that all the business app requirements are summarised and revised properly before handling it to the development team. “Time is money” so the cost of the project will be affected real hard if there are requirement corrections again and again which will cause unwanted delay.

Sometimes the resulting app in the first attempt doesn’t reach your expectations and you ask them to fix those features.

This will do nothing but a hike in the total app budget. Get it done on the first attempt by providing them with a completely revised business requirement report.

Also, communicate with your development team time-to-time for pace in the progress of the project.

2. Put more efforts on “important”

Rather than including more features to make it complicated for users, try to keep it simple and sorted. Some developers include too many features while making an app which results in a complex and costly project.

Go with Minimum Viable Product(MVP) approach and focus on key features that would play the major role in your project requirement. Hopefully, you can add up more features in future after your business progress.

Every app comes up with updates so will yours. More it gets complicated, more will be the hike in the budget estimation.

3. Try cross-platform development

A business app should hold its presence on multiple platforms and devices to hit the massive amount of customers present on various platforms.

First of all, make sure the app is designed for most common platforms like Android, Windows, iOS and after that, think of other platforms like a native, HTML5 web-based app which is trending with a large user base. A native app is expensive as it runs only in a particular environment but is considered more efficient than web-based hybrid apps.

If the app is not much complex then go for cross-platform development and contact an app development company Make an Inquiry about this news to get your app developed for multiple platforms. Ask the developer team if there are any chances to get a web-based app.

It will definitely save a lot of investment.

4. Iterative Development

The step-by-step app developing process is an efficient way of achieving a long-term goal. Rather than creating the whole app, it is divided into multiple modules and each module is developed after a certain time period.

How is it cheap? Thus, we will develop only those modules which are demanding and trouble-fixer for the customers, this will not lead to any consequences thus saves time & money.

One more advantage of Iterative Development is consistency and growth in business. After spending less capital on beginning modules, your business income will be able to afford the upcoming segments of the project easily.

5. Use pre-built templates

No need to start from scratch. You can customize pre-built templates for desirable UI features without creating them from the very beginning. Many developers use third-party SaaS(Software as a Service), BaaS(Backup as a Service), WaaS( Whatever as a Service) providers offering already-designed solutions that save time and money.

Some templates are premium whereas some are free of cost.

You can try Google Cloud Platform(PaaS) which is popularly known for backend services like Memcache, sharing & processing data, data synchronization, sending notification, messages and many more. A package of multiple actions and tasks at an affordable price.


Like I said at the start, extra expenses can be determined and dodged by recognizing them at the right time. Above-mentioned points will help you reach your business goals at an affordable price.

But make sure you are not compromising quality over money, sometimes investing at the right place results in satisfying ROI. Maintain the coordination with the outsource team and stay in touch with them for better production.

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