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Native Vs Cross- Platform! Which App Development do you Choose?

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Are you a business owner looking for an application to build for your product or service? It is quite difficult to choose the development platform especially when you are not versed with the technical world. Whether to develop a native mobile app or go for a cross-platform app still remains one of the most challenging questions for an entrepreneur hitting the mobile app market.

While many people argue about their positives and negatives, what many business owners fail to realize is that at the pinnacle of all these applications, is the customer experience that really matters in the end. Before getting in touch with some mobile application development companies and considering which way to go, let’s begin with a simple understanding about the technology choices to get more information and choices while discussing the project with mobile app company. 

1. Native Mobile Applications:

Native app development can be described as a first image comes to mind when you think of apps. A native mobile app is one which is created for one specific platform – whether it would be Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android or Windows.

Here the apps will be developed with native languages such as Swift or Objective-C for iOS, Java for Android, and C# for Windows. The benefit of choosing Native app Development is the exclusive performance level you and your users will get. The application is more customer-centric as it made with more focused approach which promotes user-friendly technology usage.

The Native app development ensures that the functionalities used in the development are smoother and faster. Overall it is more into providing better interface and adding depth for better integration.

2. Cross-Platform Applications:

Cross-Platform or Hybrid mobile apps are those which involve developing applications with a variety of platforms. It can be installed like a native one but is more into working via web browser, using languages like HTML and Java. This development platform is more focused on the application which requires simple and cost-effective interaction and doesn’t need much attention. It is more convenient to build as one code is enough for multiple platforms.

If you are looking for targeting a large yet general market, you can choose this platform as it is cost effective in nature but one should be clear with a point that Cross-platform apps are smooth, fast or performance committed as Native mobile apps are.

Choosing a technology

Once you understand about different mobile apps platform, next big step is which one you should choose?

Though it is hard to say, the criteria of choosing the one is obviously should be the one which brings your business to the next level of the hierarchy. The decision must be based on the balance of performance and price.

  • You can start with a hybrid mobile app if general market and price is a priority for business.
  • If you care about performance, you can go for native mobile app (Android or iOS or Windows). It’s much faster, smoother and reliable to work on.
  • Determine your business needs and personal requirements like speed and performance, long-term trends, support, flexibility.
  • Then plan your budget and timeline for the development.
  • After you gather all such information you are pretty ready to discuss about your requirements with Mobile App Developer and can ask for your choice of platform development app.

The native vs. The cross-platform debate has gone through countless arguments among mobile application developers. Many Mobile Application Development Companies argue and challenge each other with the benefits and limitations of current technologies.

There are many opinions and arguments about what kind of development is better Native or the Cross-Platform. So when hybrid is a good option, you should consider the output and targets you have set. If a native mobile app is the best option for you, make sure the developer you are hire has experience in programming and languages you need. There are many advantages to each of this kind of development but the choice of development should proceed from what kind of application you want to get as a result and for what with regards to the trend sets in recent times.


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