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React native 0.56 has launched: what to expect and changes

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The React team has made several changes to the React and launched the latest version of React. In the newest version, the company has improved the Android support, introduced the new version of the Babel, and made several more changes. Moreover, the React team has also fixed major Android specific and iOS specific bugs. The company will also conduct the monthly meetings. These meetings will help the developers remain up-to-date about the current scenarios in the company regarding the React updates.

React native is a JavaScript framework for developing user interfaces. It supports the cross-platform app development.

Using React, you can build the apps that run on various operating like Android, iOS, etc. React is easy to learn and use.

It comes with detailed documentation, tutorials, and training resources.

If you have a basic knowledge of the JavaScript, you can understand and start using the React within few days.

One of the most notable uses of the React is that it provides the developers with a facility to reuse the codes across the web and the mobile.

React is among the great and large frameworks. The company has made several changes to the React to make it more comfortable for the developers.

The React team has launched the newest version of the React, named React Native 0.56.

Critical changes that the company has made to the React Improved Android Support

The team has made many changes to the surrounding tools for Android. They made several significant changes in this update like the Gradle 3.5, Android SDK 26, and Fresco to 1.9.0 and OkHttp to 3.10.0 and the NDK API target to API 16.

React native has made these changes to Android to fasten the builds. The React Native team believes that the developers will not find any difficulty here.

All these updates will result in the faster build of the apps.

Moreover, these changes will help the developers to obey the new Play Store needs. These new Play Store requirements are expected to release in August 2018.

The team also has taken a few more steps on this front. The interested developers can follow the Android development forum in the dedicated issue list.

Here, they can plan and discuss upgrading the Android support.

New Node, XCode, React, and Flow

The React Team has now made Node 8 the standard for React Native because its testing is complete. One more reason for this is the fact that Node 6 is under maintenance.

Besides this, the React team has also updated React to the version 16.4. This new version comes with a lot of improvements.

The team has also dropped support for the iOS 8 platform and considered the iOS 9 version the oldest iOS version for providing support. According to them, this is not a significant issue as the developers can easily upgrade the iOS version 8 to the iOS version 9.

This change is beneficial to the React team. They can remove the rarely-used codes in the iOS 8 version.

Also, the team has updated the integrated tool chain to use the XCode 9.4. It provides developers with the best support to conduct a complete iOS testing.

It also provides the facility to the developers to run their apps on the latest development tools on Apple.

Apart from this, the team has also upgraded to Flow 0.75. The team has made this change to use the new error format and build several other elements.

Furthermore, to make the debugging simpler, the React team has replaced the YellowBox with a new implementation.

The new version of Babel

What is Babel? Babel is a transpiler tool. With the Babel, developers can use the latest and advanced features of the JavaScript.

The React team has introduced a new version of Babel. The latest version of Babel is named Babel 7.

The team wanted to bring the vital changes to the development process. That's why it updated the Babel to a new version.

The React team is also going to conduct monthly meetings. So that the developers will remain updated on the current events that are going on in the company.

These meetings also update the developers about upcoming updates and latest releases.

Do note that you may face few crashes during an update because the React Native is still in the version 0.x.

A quick review of the updates Android specific changes

  • The team made all the projects to be compiled using Android SDK 26 from now.
  • It also upgraded the Gradle-plugin to 2.3.3, Gradle to 3.5.1, Gradle-and download-task to 3.4.3.
  • Touchables now play a sound on pressing.
  • The team has made the webview geolocation disable by default.
  • The new project-wide properties are now used in the new project templates.

iOS specific changes

  • The React Native team has made the iOS version 9 the minimum required version. The app development companies will not get support on iOS versions lower than iOS version 9.
  • Developers can use the XCode 9.4 to run the tests.
  • The company also prevented the console logging on iOS 11.3+ within WebSocket.

Major bug fixes Android specific bug fixes

  • The company fixed extreme TextInput slowness on Android.
  • React team fixed the issue regarding crash due to unsupported ellipsize mode.
  • Fixed scroll view with TextInput.
  • The company also fixed the issue regarding Android open source test failures.
  • The team also fixed the problem regarding view indices with LayoutAnimation.

iOS specific bug fixes

  • The company has fixed the Blob memory leak issue.
  • The team fixed the use of C++ syntax in a header file.
  • React team fixed the crash issue during Archive phase on Xcode 9.3.
  • The company also fixed the CocoaPods integration without DevSupport subspec.

Besides these changes, the React team has made many other changes too. To see the full list of changes, you can refer to the complete changelog data.

What to expect from maintainers?

Some features might not be fit to the core React Native library. The Facebook does not use some of the new modules in production.

In such a case, the maintainer allows users to pull in the module in their projects. What if the feature does belong to the core library? The maintainer will encourage you to pull the request.

In case, your issue is the duplicate of the existing opened issue; the maintainer will add a comment duplicate of #123.

To prioritize the pull requests, you can use the contributor's chrome extension. It helps the React native team to understand who is sending the pull requests.


The React team has released an upgraded version of the React. The primary motive of the company is to simplify the build process.

The React team has made several necessary changes to the React. The company has also introduced to conduct the monthly meetings.

These meetings enable the developers to remain updated on the current events going on in the company.

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