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How Android app development has revolutionize the world?

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The appearance of a cell phone has made our day to day work much easier and it’s usage like never-ending. One of the fastest moving technologies is App development with unique features of Android in smartphones. As smartphone is turned into major beneficial factor for individual and organization with the help of Android as a most powerful operating system.

There are more developers of this platform as compared to any other system. This application saves our precious time by launching various apps which run on a single click for E-learning, Banking, Newsfeed, shopping & more.

Initially, Smartphones were usually manufactured by Blackberry, Motorola, and Apple as they limit their work platform. But, Android came with a big bang to allow the small-medium enterprise to launch their Smartphone in the market.

Entry of Android as an OS

It is the end result of investment by Google which has changed everything as a pioneered started in the market. Yes, what to hear is true and if not- “Android has won hearts of millions for its renowned Unique Design and Eye Catchy Logo”.

No one had ever thought of that Google will come up with this and jump over the world of Mobile market. Though being down in the initial stage they didn't limit themselves and we are enjoying the result as Google shown something Out Of the Box concept of Android App for OS.

Slowly it was recognised and becomes a competitor of Symbian. Hard work and efficiency of programmers helped to build the reputation of this platform in the market of Smartphone.

Google hired many engineers and developers that work harder to be one of the best OS with new features to make a powerful platform to beat iPhone 4.

Apart from only emails and limited access to the web for past Smartphone, Android hit them with unique features that run smoothly on Operating System.

Android has broken the stereotype

Initially, only the rich class can have Smartphone but as we can see now it is affordable by all.

Android has provided accessibility to Abstract

Before Android, Cats were animals only which can’t talk & Temple was a place where people do worship.

Android Software Development

It is used for creating new applications Android Operating System (AOS) using Android Software Development Kit (SDK) along with other tools. 

Android Studio

It is used to set up all new Android Project design & developing different types of applications that too with a very short span of time.

Android Versions

Since 2008 till the date, Android has variant versions with the creation of Open Handset Alliance in alphabetical order. This helps to improve the Smartphone quality to an extent that Plethora of multiple devices that too within individuals pocket.

Is selling your app is the way of earning & business?

Android came with free apps where GOOGLE allowed their developers to associate their Adsense accounts with their apps and are generating revenue in millions by CPC and CPM. Even you can sign up at Google Play for $25 and submit your app which will go viral and generate profit.

Hence the Android App Development and submission have become easier for the developers which are becoming beneficial for them to earn and expand their business.

Last but not the least, without Android app we may not able to manage a lot many things. Now, we can see a bright future of Android without facing any competitors.

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