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Ways to Find Beta Users to Test Your App

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So what do you mean by Beta testing? It is the rehearsal that you do before introducing your mobile app in the market. Hence, this is one of the essential steps in the whole process of developing an app.

Therefore, inevitably beta testers are a significant part of the team to complete the lifecycle of a mobile app development. Therefore, inevitably beta testers are a significant part of the team to complete the lifecycle of a mobile app development

Beta testers are required for the app testing in every possible manner. Wait… do you think regular testing is a waste of time, as well as resources? Then, you are completely wrong.

If you test your app on a regular basis, then you can find out all the hidden bugs and make it a reliable application. Now, this gives rise to another question. I know, you must be now thinking that what if I don’t have a beta tester team? From where I can find them and will all they get ready to try out my app? Just relax! I am going to tell you all the key podiums, where you can easily find out the beta users to test your apps. 

You would be amazed to know that there are numerous early adopters who would be ready to try out your developed app without any charge. Yes, you read it right. However, what you need to decide is that how many testers you require? This is because a lot depends upon the size, as well as the scope of your mobile application. The demographic characteristics and features of your app can easily let you know that how many beta testers actually you need. Let’s now proceed further and have a look at the list of stages where you can find these beta testers. 

  • Join Beta Directories 

One of the greatest manners to introduce your app in the market is through distributing it on a beta directory. This would attract the users, as well as early adopters. However, there is a downside to this approach. The users are more inquisitive than loyal and won’t continue for too long. Because they most probably have registered to get different kinds of beta products, they won’t be the most engaged users. In spite of all, beta directories considered to be a wonderful platform to find the beta users. This is the list of beta directories: 

1. AppUseful

2. InspiredBeta

3. BetaList

4. AppStorm

5. BetaFamily

6. BetaCandy

7. BetaBound

8. FeedmyApp

  • Be a Member of Reddit Community 

With a large pool of engaged users, Reddit has become one of the widely spread networks across different categories, as well as topics of interest. There are multiple sub-Reddit communities where developers can easily upload the screenshots of the mobile apps they have developed to get the reviews from the Reddit community. It can even bring forth interest for several users in your app. 

All you have to do is to write a post indicating that you need beta testers to give their feedback on your app. On one hand, where you can converse with the target audience in the mobile app category of your sub-Reddits, on the other hand, you can directly source the beta-users from some sub-Reddits. Some of these are Beta Users, Android Apps, and Betatests.

  • Create Facebook Groups

Another platform to find the beta testers is Facebook. Yes, we all know that Facebook groups have attained a tremendous popularity. There are Facebook pages for every area, as well as geography now. To become the member of these groups and participating actively in conversations can give you better results. Moreover, it can not only help you to attract more users but to find beta results. As soon as your app is all set for Beta testing, you can ask the existing members of the group for their feedbacks.

  • Build a Community in Quora

If I talk about one of the fastest growing community that can have a positive impact on the success of your app, then the first name I would take is of Quora. Here, you can create a community of your own by showcasing your expertise in a certain area. It is recommended to display your genuine passion for the domain you choose by giving your insights on multiple threads within your area. 

  • Generate and Use an Email List 

In case you run an organization or launching a mobile app, email list will certainly going to help you out. Before the launching or testing of your app, you should send the email list useful tips, content, and more. Make a point of the most engaged people and provide them beta access to the app you have built as soon as it reaches to that stage. 

All Things to Be Considered

Everyone can create a mobile app with the help of multiple mobile app development companies. However, developing a successful app needs regular testing and perfection. Beta testing helps for the same therefore, it is necessary to find the beta testers. Hope these tips to find beta testers would help you out. 

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