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8 pro tips for writing a job-winning app developer resume

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Want to tailor an eye-catching and professional app developer resume? If yes, you should go through this write-up to get to know about the top resume writing tips.


In this tech-savvy world, the demand for the technical experts has increased a lot. Among all the techies, the mobile app developers have the great career ahead in their field.

This is due to the popularity of a variety of mobile applications. Many mobile app development companies are looking to recruit the experienced, knowledgeable, and professional app developers out there in the market.

But still, the number of developers is bigger than the number of opportunities available in the job market. And due to this, the competition has become tougher for the aspirants who are looking forward to getting the good app developer job.

In order to stand out from the rest, one has to prepare well and work hard.

However, job seekers have the knowledge that the resume is one of the most important steps to secure an app developer interview. But usually, they do not have the idea of how to write the perfect one.

Some job hunters use the traditional resume writing rules which do not work well in the technical world unfortunately. There might be a number of professionals who seek the help of professional resume writing services to get hired in a leading mobile application development company.

Well, if you are willing to tailor an impressive and effective resume by yourself, then you should go through the below-presented tips to write a professional resume.

Here we go…

  • List up your skills front

Apparently, hiring managers would like to take a look at your skills to ensure that you are the perfect candidate they might be looking for. Experience of a candidate gives a good idea to the recruiters how much experience that person possesses.

But if you keep your skills at the top of your resume, then it will be easy for the managers to get the idea of your potential. By listing your skills on the top, you will get the appreciation from the hiring manager.

  • Present your experience effectively or in an interesting way

While writing the resume, keep in mind that mentioning a few projects will not be as impressive as it can be through your experience. It shows that you have done a lot of work in the industry which might be more than your introduction level work.

Apart from this, it will be great to know for the recruiter is that you have been working under unique constraints or in the environment that might have high levels of transactions or zero tolerance for failure. Always show how your experience is different in your resume, and the recruiters will also look at you as different.

  • Keep your resume error-free

In your resume, every word should be correctly spelled and the grammar should be perfect. It will not only be embarrassing but also make you lose the job if you misspelled the words or leave any other type of errors.

So, always check your spelling and grammar.  

  • Mention your educational qualifications

Well, your education is not terribly important to include in the resume. But if you want to put it on your resume, then it will be a better idea to list it last.

Whoever needs to know about your educational qualification, they can find it themselves.

Try not to put things unnecessarily

When it comes to the traditional resume, a lot of information can be found which is just not required for the recruiter who is looking to hire mobile app developers. In your resume, it is not important to include your summary and objective.

  • Go with the correct formatting

The resume is the document which is required to read on a computer screen and on paper by the hiring managers. So, it is important to keep it balanced and enhance its readability.

In order to make it look good on both the computer screen and paper,  you should use a large font size from 10 to 12. And you should use Cambria, Verdana,  Calibri etc.

to write the document. Always remember that if recruiters cannot consume the information from your resume, they will quickly move to the next one.

  • Keep it short

No matter how you have formatted your resume, it is imperative to keep the length between two and four pages. It could be shorter to one or two pages if you are fresher or possess less experience in the industry.

  • Reveal your geeky side via resume

Apart from including your achievements, make the recruiters notice the special spark in you. And you can do this by listing your unique programming and marketing skills in the resume.

If you show that you are constantly growing, learning, exploring new ideas, it can go in your favor.

Conclusion: By following the most effective tips, a candidate can easily make him or herself stand out from the crowd and secure a job interview in the best application development company.

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