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From Android to iPhone: upcoming challenges, trends, and research in mobile app development

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The companies can design magnificent business apps.

With mobile phone users and devices reaching to billions, the businesses are focusing on building robust mobile apps with great UX and UI. According to research, nearly 179 billion mobile apps are downloaded per year.

The Mobile App Development Make an Inquiry about this news sector is thriving with gaming apps; Social Media apps like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube; Google Apps, business apps like Amazon, Walmart, etc. Even SMEs are not far behind as they are also using the mobile apps for better user engagement, branding, retail marketing, etc.

Let us now see some of the significant challenges and trends in the mobile application development. Key Challenges in the Mobile App Development

  • The prevailing competition amongst the Smartphone providers has made them improve their apps continuously. The software companies need to develop such software to support mobile apps that need much time and efforts on part of the professionals.
  • There is no availability of the unified apps and the software developers design only fragmented apps.
  • The different Smartphones do not possess the same OS so many apps that are in great demand needs to be removed.
  • The time-consuming process starts when the developers have to test their apps against distinct OS versions so that their app works on different mobile devices.
  • Automated testing is limited for the native apps.

Latest Trends in the Mobile App Development With the increased challenges, the designers and developers are carrying out research to provide a seamless user experience to the mobile device users.

For this, there are many significant trends introduced by the mobile industry that will predict the future of the Android app development and iPhone App Development Make an Inquiry about this news.

1. The Growth of IoT (Internet of Things): The use of Artificial Intelligence is going to grow in the year 2018. The machine learning, image recognition, natural language processing, deep learning, and neural network drive decision-making, etc.

is going to trend this year. The mobile apps will be integrated with the IoT feature to provide a flawless experience to hotels, retail business houses, automakers, etc. The customized IoT applications will make their place with this market reaching $267 billion by the year 2020.

2. Cloud-based Mobile Apps will make a Difference: The Cloud Computing has created waves in the companies, and now it collaborates with the mobile apps. This technology will enable the mobile apps to fetch the data directly from the cloud space and lessens the memory space on the mobile phones.

The Mobile Cloud traffic is stated to be growing at a rate of 60%.

3. Security in App Development: Nowadays, developers focus more on security during the Android App Development Make an Inquiry about this news and iPhone app development. According to a study, 75% of the mobile apps cannot pass the basic security testing.

The testers have found basic concerns during the security tests.

  • Leakage of System Information
  • Insecure Storage data
  • Violation of the Privacy Policy
  • Insecure Deployment
  • Misusing the mobile related data

To cater to these issues, JavaScript framework can help in the development of the scalable and secured mobile applications.

4. Increase in the M-Commerce: The online selling has taken a forefront with maximum people possessing the Smartphones and the iPhones. Many users are opting to M-Commerce, which means that the app development companies need to design workable apps for the business houses.

The increased usage of the Google Wallet and Apple Pay will facilitate the in-app payment process too. The wearable devices will also support the customer loyalty and the mobile payments.

5. The Inclusion of the Location-Based Apps: With Google My Business listing and Google Maps helping users to find the best local store near their location, the customers prefer location-based apps. By using the location-based mobile apps, the customers will be able to trace out the store, a good restaurant, grocery store, etc.

with just one click. They can see the reviews, and even few stores have cited the closing and opening timings too with business’s images.

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