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Using Kotlin to target your next Android App Development project

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Android is an open source system. Android world’s most used operating system. Since Android is open source, anyone can use it and code a program for Android. There are thousands of skilled Android app developers around the globe.


Android was introduced in the year 2008. The system is 10 years old now and has seen some great revolutionary changes in this decade.

The ease in developing, open source feature, lenient policies, great market exposure, etc. qualities of Android has made it so popular.

There are more than 2 billion Android devices till date. The CEO of Google has declared this number.

As there are so many users, the Android app developers are seeing some great career opportunities in Android app development.

According to Statista, there are more than 3.8 million Android apps in the play store. Last year (2017), there were 3 million Android apps.

In just 9 months, the number of Android apps has increased by 8 million.

Why consider using something new than Java for Android app development?

Java has always been a favourite language for Android app developers. Java is a universal programming language.

Though Java is so popular and widely used, there are some cons. Java is old. In this rapidly growing technology world, anything that is not updated on a regular basis gets out of the frame very soon.

Though Java has come with some amazing updates, it is still not compatible with other technologies. Java is also verbose. Android app developers need to write a huge code in Java for a small feature.

It is time-consuming and also very expensive as the number of code increases. Java has been a slow developer.

The team has shown a slow progress as compared to other technologies. Java is prone to errors.

In February 2016, JetBrains released Kotlin as a new language for Android app development. This news was a treat for all Android app developers around the globe.

Developers had big expectations from Kotlin regarding errors, speed, and cost. It has not failed in impressing the developers.

What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is a part of Java. It is a new open source language based on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). it is high time Android app developers should start using this pragmatic language.

Kotlin has answers for many issues related to Java such as verbosity of source code, runtime exceptions, etc. Kotlin is simple and easy to get started with.

The best part about Kotlin is that you can introduce it into existing projects. Kotlin can compile to JavaScript Source code.

Kotlin has a similar structure like Java. It has more enrichments as compared to Java.

Characteristics of Kotlin:

  • Conciseness: Kotlin reduces the boilerplate code to make development easier and faster.
  • Safety: Kotlin enables Android app developers to get rid of errors. It offers a safe and seamless mobile app development experience.
  • Interoperability: Kotlin is interoperable with Java and hence, developers can use existing libraries for the JVM (Java Virtual Machine). Developers can learn this language quickly.
  • Tool-friendliness: Developers can build Android app in Kotlin by selecting any Java IDE.

Benefits of Kotlin:

  1. High speed less coding: With Kotlin, developers can significantly write less code. Kotlin makes the app development process faster. Developers can convert Java files of different sizes into Kotlin by using Android studio plugin. Developers need not write boilerplate code every day. It helps Android developers to build Android apps easily quickly and efficiently.
  2. Easy to learn: Kotlin is simple to learn the language as compared to Java. Freshers can easily grasp the knowledge and start working on it. Plus the language is enterprise language. The language was built to solve practical and real-world issues in programming. It has a lean and intuitive syntax which makes it an easy programming language. Developers can use Java frameworks and libraries in Kotlin project.
  3. Free free free: Kotlin is available just for free. Android app developers can explore their skills by using this excellent open source language. Using Kotlin can reduce the cost of app development.
  4. No errors: The most common error these days is null point error. It crashes Android applications. In Android app development, null is used to represent the absence of a value. Android uses null in framework and APIs. Java has made it difficult for developers to handle nullability. Kotlin has worked a lot on this issue and there are no null point exceptions.
  5. Great IDE support: The IDE support for JVM based languages has so many hassles and do not work properly. All IDE features of Android studio work perfectly in Kotlin. Developers can mix Kotlin and Java codes in the same project. Kotlin offers a great feature called ‘convert Java file to Kotlin’.
  6. Easy code reviews: Kotlin offers a readable syntax. That is the reason, people with no knowledge of Kotlin can easily review the code. It saves a lot of time and efforts for developers. Developers can pay attention to other important aspects.
  7. No binding of a particular style: Kotlin is a super flexible Android app development language. It does not impose any specific philosophy or style of programming like. In an  Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) styling, the developer has to deal with attributes and methods. Kotlin does not impose overly-functional philosophy.


Kotlin is the new and preferred Android app development language. Developers need not worry about anything as Kotlin can be used in existing programs.

Kotlin has many features and advantages which lack in Java.

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