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How Android Oreo is enhancing the security of your phone?

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Whenever Google releases new software for its Android operating systems, most of us love the new things we can do with it. With Android Oreo, we have a lot of improvements to current features, these grab your attention and make you want to get the update as soon as possible.

However, beneath the surface, Android also makes significant changes to enhance the security of the operating system. This is generally not reported much but is equally very important.

Much of this is fairly technical but we will simplify this for you without the use of jargon. 

  • Protecting users from malware threats from questionable apps- Google has had Google Play Protect, an Android Security detection and reaction infrastructure for quite some time now. Now, Google has brought this to the fore, with Android data scientist Meghan Ruthven and others developing techniques where they can detect even the most targeted malware. However, despite this, Android’s scanners do not catch all the malware, and there is still a possibility of malware making it to the Google Play Store past Google’s protections. Android also discourages people from downloading apps from third-party app stores. With Oreo, users get a prompt action if they really want to download an app from an ‘unknown source’.
  • ‘Sandboxing’ apps to arrest the spread of malware- Android just doesn’t get malware from the apps that you install to your phone, there are a number of different ways malware can creep into your phones. Google Play Protect analyses industry data and even develops relationships with third parties like banks and other apps that can experience cyber attacks. In the case of any cyber attack, Android ensures that the malicious virus doesn’t spread by ‘sandboxing’ every app-ensuring that the app works independently and that the virus doesn’t spread elsewhere on your phone. With Oreo, Android has further improved its virus detection and sandboxing initiatives.
  • Changes to the way permissions are given- With Android Oreo, Android is rethinking the way permissions are given. Firstly there is the System Alert Window, where system alerts are shown. Over time, it had been adopted to a variety of other overlay-oriented purposes. Some apps use it for providing picture-in-picture overlays while others use it as a form of a pop-up. Google realised that this also had raised the potential for misuse. Apps with questionable origins could use it to collect sensitive data or force you to visit questionable links. With Oreo, Android has now introduced certain limits to the System Alert Window-you can no longer cover up critical areas of your screen or add a way to dismiss it whenever needed.

For ensuring utmost security, Android is always striving to better itself with every version of its operating system.

The security for your phone is like a jigsaw puzzle with moving pieces, which needs to be solved at the right time before it is too late. With Oreo, Android has done a great job securing our phones.

However, security steps need to think a step further as malware also evolves with evolving technology.

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