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Healthcare Mobile Apps – The impact of wearables on the industry

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Wearable technology has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade, allowing people to take charge of their Healthcare Mobile App and work toward all-around wellness.

As with every other aspect of our lives, technology has made tremendous inroads in the Healthcare Mobile App Make an Inquiry about this news sector as well. Just a decade ago, smart wearable devices that could track a person’s heart rate, calories burnt, and sleep pattern would have seemed like a piece from a sci-fi book.

Yet here we are, with wearables channelizing our pursuit of wellness and healthier lifestyles. Today, more than a million people across the globe use smartwatches that also double as fitness trackers.

Given that wearable technology stands on immensely fertile grounds right now, the unprecedented and unexpected pace at which the newer generation of bio-sensing wearables are sprouting up is hardly surprising. As these devices tap in on the advancements in the realm of medical software, the day when these wearables will be designed to be worn on the outside as well as inside isn’t too far.

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The Evolution of Wearable Technology in Healthcare Mobile App

Wearables in healthcare are a by-product of computer technology, and hence, is fairly recent. In fact, the first ever wearable, which was a calculator, dates back to 1975.

Of course, it pales in comparison to the cutting-edge wearables of present times but is definitely a landmark that ushered in a new era of the way we handle our device.

Wearable technology forayed into the realm of healthcare in the early 2000s, when as part of Project Cyborg, Kevin Warwick designed a necklace that was connected to his nervous system via an implanted electrode. The necklace, sported by his wife, switched colors from red to blue on the basis of the signals it picked up from Warwick’s nervous system.

However, a significant improvement in wearable technology in Healthcare Mobile App came in the 2010s when a collaboration between medical software companies and tech giants resulted in the creation of technologically advanced gadgets like the Nike Fitness Tracker, Apple Watch, and Google Glass. As per a survey carried out by Pew Research Centre in 2012, a sizeable 69 percent of respondents were found to be using technology in some form to monitor their health parameters.

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By 2015, the market to wearable technology in Healthcare Mobile App had become fairly crowded, with an average of one in 10 adults using trackers like Fitbit.

The year-on-year advancements of the wearable devices have been mind-boggling. The recently unveiled Apple Watch that can not only detect heart rhythm and blood pressure levels but also perform an ECG is a strong case in point that wearable technology will be an integral part in the future of healthcare.

This makes medical software for doctors more accessible and easily decipherable to an average person, thus facilitating more proactive self-care.

Wearables in Healthcare Mobile App: A Tool of Greater Control Over One’s Wellness

Humans by nature have a reactive approach toward their health. People don’t go to a doctor unless the body conveys symptoms of distress or change their lifestyle habits unless they have medical reports confirming a rise in their cholesterol, blood sugar or blood pressure levels.

Wearable technology fitted with advanced medical software to offer a day-on-day analysis of one’s wellness can serve as a wake-up call to take charge of one’s health and work toward a healthier lifestyle before it’s too late.

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