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Something which started as a cost-saving tool for event planners has become the most pivotal part of events hosting with corporate event apps.

Corporate Event Apps today have become versatile enough that 91% of event organizers believe that using them will result in them achieving a successful event and stay ahead in the race. It’s not only the corollary of advancements in technology, but also the need to keep things simple for attendees, help them to remain organized, and enhance the productivity of the organizers that has given a new dimension to today’s corporate event planning apps.

Corporate event apps Make an Inquiry about this news aren’t just for attendees, they have diversified offerings to offer their clients the best of everything and at the same time keep track of RSVPs, collecting feedback and earning high revenues.

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What a Corporate Event Mobile App Has in Store for You?

Gone are the days when organizing a corporate event used to be a herculean task and when paper guides were the only way to showcase your program's agenda.

Today, you can offer users exceptional UX/UI in the form of a corporate event mobile application. The following are the benefits you enjoy and extend to your client to enhance your returns:

1. Customized Attendee Experience

By using event apps, you can introduce a host of features for the attendees. You can provide fast and simple access to maps, information about the event, allow them to take notes and mark the sessions or exhibits they wish to attend, and even answer frequently asked questions.

2. Track Users

Event apps are superb networking tools as they are usually linked to social networks like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and such. When attendees move in these circles with other attendees, businesses can gather crucial information on their likes and interests.

The same can then be used to improve to attend their needs better in upcoming events.

3. Receive Instant Feedback

Gone is the era of paper questionnaires to receive a feedback from the attendee. Corporate event mobile app gathers the feedback automatically by analyzing user behaviors.

The app calculates the time spent by the user on any topic or event, and can even throw an opinion poll to take the feedback. You need not manually calculate each response and arrive at the outcome.

4. Send Notifications

The best part of a corporate event mobile application is that it enables you to send a notification to the attendee in case of any change in schedule, set alerts to keep your attendee updated on important schedules or events based on their locations. Send them information in the form of e-brochures which can be viewed by them before, during or even after the event.

5. Enhance Revenue Generation

With corporate event apps, you have the ability to provide your unique features or topics or items to the attendee right at their fingertips. This way you can bring in your target audience and even encourage them to purchase items of their choice.

Another way you can boost your revenue is the way you save with the help of a corporate event application. You save on paper, printed previews, marketing promos, guides, newsletters, designing cost, and editing, printing, and even mailing costs.

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6. Get Connected Swiftly

With paperless communication, event planners have the opportunity to get in touch with the attendees swiftly. Event apps allow planners to add audio tours, media resources, and step-by-step itinerary to navigate the course of the event using an interactive map or feature.

Important Note You Must Take While Creating Your Own Event Application:

There are two ways you can get your own corporate event application created:

  • Custom specific or a full event app with the help of mobile app development platform:

With custom designed event apps you can get your interface to look and feel just like the way you want. You get the freedom to innovate and improvise as per your desires.

  • White label or template based event application

White label event apps are template based and can be bought separately for your events. You can add your branding and content but its use is limited to this extent only.

You cannot customize them. They are comparatively economical and are readily available in the market.

Wrapping Up!

Based on your need and requirement of whether you want the event application to organize the event completely, enhance event engagement or share content using AV and live-streaming all you need is to develop or purchase an event management app.

Clearly, including an event management app in your corporate event planning will not only enable you to stay in constant touch with the attendees but also increase productivity and returns while keeping you ahead of the competition.  

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