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How much does it cost to build top rated Retail App?

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To do so, you need to aim for customer's satisfaction by developing a top retail app which contains all the necessary features an e-commerce shopper desires.

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Due to recent technological advancements in the sphere of e-commerce, shopping online via mobile has seen a tremendous increase in the past few years. As a result, every online business, from small startups to Fortune 500 companies, is trying to make its presence felt on various mobile platforms.

To calculate the cost for development of such top retail mobile application, you need to carefully go through the list of features required and choose what you would like to include in your app.

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Top Retail App Features

The cost of building an app depends largely upon the functions it will have. Below are some of the must-have features that you need to include in your app:

  • Registration
  • Product Information
  • Data Analytics

Individually, these features contain many elements like product pages, landing page, carts, payment process etc. We have covered most of the major ones with explanations as to why they are necessary.


Most of the top applications for retail today have one-touch registration via social media or email such as Facebook, Google etc. which is feasible for both users and site owners.

Apart from this, you need to include a personal profile feature (contact, delivery address, payment details, etc.) as well. A personal profile isn't necessarily required to browse products or sometimes even order them (eBay provides order as a guest feature) but it can be very useful for regular shoppers.

Next is the account portal wherein there are usually different accounts for buyers and sellers with different options. One such example is the Amazon App.

It has different features such as wishlist, comparisons, product recommendations, etc. due to which it is highly popular among mobile shoppers.

Product Information

The very first thing that any user comes across after opening your page is the main page wherein you display the hottest deals available right now, amazing offers, and so much more. This can be further customized based on their personal interests.

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Next is the product category pages or catalogs. These should contain names of the products, images, a brief description, price, etc.

Product description pages are the next and last on the list. These could include various similar product recommendations as well as comparisons, feature descriptions, Q&A, message the seller options, etc.

Data Analytics

This is not only an important feature for the app owners but it is also something that should be installed for the sellers too.

For sellers, it's very important that they see how much ROI they are getting and what they can do to improve it.

You can even include some other advanced features to improve overall user experience to give your app an edge over the competition. They may include features such map integration, live tracking feature, voice search, etc.

Calculating the Final Cost

Based on all the features that you think you are going to have in your app, you can talk to the Mobile App Maker to get a rough idea of your required budget. Then you can further decide on whether to hire a team of developers to build a top-rated retail app or outsource it to an independent app development company.

There are various app development tools and kits also available in the market using which you can create a top-rated retail app for your business.

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