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How to create an awesome Travel Agency App 10x faster

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From hotel reservations to flight bookings, every segment of traveling is going digital. Here are some quick ways to make a great travel agency app to answer every query ever asked.

Apps help you with everything - from tracking your water intake to your sleeping patterns. This raises the question…

How can technology help in advancing the tourism sector?

Creating an awesome Travel Agency App Make an Inquiry about this news will help them become more independent. You can build an all-inclusive travel app which has everything that a tourist can use and think of.

Today, people like control over their own actions and prefer to know more about where they are going and plan out a digital itinerary that they see fit.

A survey Make an Inquiry about this newsby Google showed that more than 80 percent of travelers prefer self-service in order to get the information they need.

So how do you create a travel agency app quickly and easily? Read on to find out…

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Setting Up the Requirements Right

While trying to figure out how to build travel planning apps that will benefit your customers greatly, the first step is to get your requirements right. Imagine yourself as an explorer going to a new place.

What are the different ways an app can help you as you go about planning your trip? There are some necessities required in almost every trip which are:

  • Trip Planning: A trip planning feature in a travel app is one of the most basic requirements. It helps to book and store the tickets, destinations, emergency contacts, flight/train schedules etc.
  • Booking Hotels and Transportation: Almost every traveler on a trip has to book a hotel or look for homestay options. Having a feature of reserving hotels is a must have in your travel app. Your app should cater to the needs of every kind of tourist.

Travel biggies like Make an Inquiry about this news, Airbnb Make an Inquiry about this news, and Trivago Make an Inquiry about this newsprovide their API for free so you can just add a geographic location feature and you are all set. The app should also have the option to book flights, cabs and train tickets as well.

For incorporating this feature in your travel agency app you would need access to location and data of transportation companies.

  • Local Weather and Language Accessibility Feature: If you are visiting a foreign country, having a digital translator becomes essential. Also, being aware of the weather conditions beforehand can be extremely useful.

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Integrating APIs

This is the most important part of creating your travel agency app. You have to implement the above-mentioned features and create a wholesome, feature-laden app.

You have two ways to do this. You can either use the existing APIs with the help of an API integrating platform and create the travel app or you can outsource the job of building a travel planning app to a team of developers. Each method comes with its own pros and cons.

One of the crucial steps while building a travel agency app is to be clear about the deadlines and requirements of your apps. Since testing, implementing, and generating feedback are time-consuming because of how complicated the development of an application can get, an estimate is necessary.

Constant Feedback and Review

Your users are your teachers. Make sure you have a feature for customer reviews and feedback through the app. This feature can also have a questionnaire related to the following:

  • Functioning of the app
  • Overall look and feel of the app
  • Hotel reviews
  • Travel booking reviews
  • Ease of usage
  • Any other queries and features that they would like to include

Stand Out From The Crowd

Almost everybody is creating their own travel agency apps today. So, in your pursuit to develop a top-rated app you need to ask yourself what will make it stand out.

Including features or providing access to information that other apps do not will make your app stand apart from rest. You can include features such as these in your travel agency app to make it one of a kind:

  • Emergency services
  • Embassy contact
  • Information storing (passport/visa/travel/accommodation)
  • Restroom finder
  • Working offline feature
  • Currency converter

These will act as add-ons to your travel agency app, boosting customer loyalty and helping make your app stand out from the crowd.

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