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How Mobile Education Apps are helpful for the education industry in the USA?

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Before a decade, the smartphones were totally a new concept. Remember the days when mobile phones were used to make calls and send messages only. Later on, the internet made a revolution and people started using mobile phones for surfing. But apps are way beyond all these. 

Apps are developed to make regular routine much easier and perform tasks that are impossible to perform manually.

Every mobile app development company around the world have developed apps for almost everything. Users can listen to any music at any time with the help of apps.

Users can send live videos with others, can check blood pressure, can transfer money in real time, can learn, can educate, etc.

There are numerous industries that are optimizing the use of mobile apps.

These industries include, information technology, marketing, branding, retail, real estate, manufacturing, e-commerce, education etc.

In this article, we are going to see what are the benefits of mobile applications in the education sector. Before heading towards the main point, let us see some interesting statistics:

  • According to a famous market research company called Statista in 2020, worldwide m-education spending is projected to reach 37.8 billion US dollars, up from 3.4 billion US dollars in 2011.
  • Another report by Satista says that the e-learning market around the world is forecast to surpass 243 billion U.S. dollars by the year 2022.
  • The same report shows that 65 percent of faculty supports the use of open educational resources (OERs) in teaching.
  • The Mobile Education Apps Market is expected to reach at 34.72% CAGR in the year 2019.
  • 58% of students in the USA ranging from 13- to 17-years-old own a smartphone
  • 98% of schools in the USA offer access to smartphones

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Benefits of mobile applications in the education sector

  1. Remote learning- Let us imagine a scenario here. A student has injured his leg. Some important topics are going to be covered by the college. Exams are after 4 days. What is he going to do now? Or an Indian student is willing to attend an educational seminar for 5 days in the USA but has not got the visa. A student is not able to attend lectures as he is busy earning (job) to pay fees of college. The scenarios can be anything. But there is only one answer.
    These students can learn from apps. Many mobile education apps offer live lecture videos through apps to the students who cannot attend the lectures. Also, students can work remotely on the assignments, and check the exam schedules through apps. Those students who wish to take some guidance from teachers and professors can use apps. Some apps offer real-time messaging facility through which student can contact professors any time.
  1. Student engagement- Just like any other industry, mobile education apps are also used to engage their audience i.e. students. Developing an educational app offer question answer video tutorials, lessons, experiment tutorials, etc. It has become very difficult to engage students as the syllabus is getting tougher every day and the number of chapters is increasing. In such a situation, educational institutes are looking for innovative ways to engage students. Students can learn different things from these apps in an interesting way. Not only higher standard students but also small kids love using such apps. As per the age, the apps add different interesting graphics and videos to attract students.
  1. 24x7 availability- These education apps are available all the time. Whatever notes are uploaded on the app can be viewed, downloaded by the students any time. Just like there is no demographic barrier, there is no time barrier. This is the most liked benefit from students as many students like to study at night or early morning. Also, those who are studying part-time and work somewhere and are unable to attend lectures can recover the studies later.
  1. Better communication- It might happen that students or professors are not getting time to interact and perform better communication with faculties. Apps can help you perform this. Also, there are some apps who are for small children and hence, these apps are installed in parent’s smartphones. So that parents can track the study growth of their children. This feature helps parents focus more on their kids and work on the points that need attention.
  1. Faster updates- It happens many times that students miss out some important announcements or notices by educational institutes. To avoid this, all the notices are published on apps. These notices can be related to campus events, timetables, alerts, and other essential details. Also, students can be informed about their pending dues of fees or books they are supposed to return to the library or anything.
  1. Add smart- Artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality along with the internet of things can make a huge difference in the educational system. All these technologies can help students learn in a more innovative way. The theory is not always useful. Some concepts need 3D effects. Robots communicating with students, students learning from virtual images, augmented images with existing information, open illustrators in 3D holograms or TV reminding students to do homework.
    All this sounds great. It actually is. Technology has gone so far that people can launch a new trend every day. The young generation is already tech savvy and can get tech-friendly very easily. In some education systems in the USA, there are coding chapters for school going students. It is high time app development companies should involve all these technologies in the apps.


It is important for students, parents and educational institutes to understand the urge of mobile apps. There are various benefits of edu mobile apps but there are some cons too.

Children are not allowed to bring smartphones in many schools. Also, parents are worried about the theft of smartphones.

Also, there are chances that students can get more used to the smartphones and focus less on studies. If educational institutes can overcome these challenges, the edu apps can make a huge difference in the education industry.

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