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How Augmented Reality will change the way apps are developed

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In the Android app development and iPhone app development realm, those who do not embrace the latest technology are always bound to be left out or be outcompeted by their peers. The latest technology that mobile app developers need to embrace is making apps that focus on Augmented Reality(AR). This came to the fore after the massive success of the Pokemon GO app, which was completely based on AR and got a massive response just within a short period of time.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality superimposes artificial objects onto real-world videos, creating a virtual world. Augmented Reality enriches the experience of the user by helping him/her to understand the surroundings better with the help of artificial objects. Augmented Reality can have many uses in industries as wide as education, gaming, medicine, engineering, defence etc.

How to create an app with Augmented Reality?

Choosing the right SDK

Augmented Reality apps can be made using Software Development Kits(SDK) of Vuforia, Apple ARKit(for iPhone) or  Wikitude.

Vuforia uses Computer vision for tracking 3D objects and images in real time. This lets you put virtual 3D objects on the camera screen in relation to real-world objects.

ARKit works only with Apple A9 CPU and higher. Unlike others, it is completely free and supports all kinds of functionalities like SLAM, geolocation, cloud recognition, smart glasses support and others.

Wikitude also supports all kinds of functionalities mentioned earlier, however this is a paid SDK with a fee of € 2490 per year or € 1990 as a onetime fee.

What is the criterion for the right AR SDK?

For choosing the right SDK, you need to ensure that you get all the features and tools needed for making your app a success.  Here are some pointers you need to consider.


If you are a developer who is making an AR app for the first time, it is recommended that you use the free open-source SDKs where you can suggest features. If you are working on a multidimensional app, you need to ensure that you choose an SDK which has all the features that you need. You need to do a thorough research before investing money in the SDK of your choice.

Image Recognition

This is a must-have feature for your AR-enabled app. With this, your app will be able to recognize images, places, and objects while you just take a photograph or a video of it. To this aim, you can use machine vision along with artificial intelligence software to track images that can be layered with HTML content, animations or sounds.

3D Recognition and Tracking

Applications supporting 3D recognition and Tracking can understand and recognize 3D objects like cups, toys, cylinders etc. These applications can also understand large spaces around users like airports, malls bus stations etc. This technology is currently used in e-commerce and mobile gaming.

Local Storage vs Cloud support

You need to decide if the data of your AR-enabled mobile application should be stored on the cloud or locally. If you are developing the app with a few markers, local storage will do the job, with a large number of markers it is necessary to store data on the cloud.

Additionally, you also need to know how many markers your app will store as some AR SDKs support about a hundred markers while others support thousands of markers.

However, you need to understand that storing local markers on the device can help users to use the AR app offline, which can be convenient if mobile data or Wi-Fi isn’t available.

While getting your Android App Development and iPhone App Development done with AR functionality, you need to ensure that your developers have the right skills and experience to develop AR based apps. For this, you can go through the developers previous portfolios. With Vrinsoft, you can do this online here on this website itself. Do call us if you have any queries.

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