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Why we need Android application development in Healthcare

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Why we need Android application development in Healthcare

Android application development in healthcare is absolutely essential. By making important medical processes swift and more easily accessible, such apps and improve and save millions of lives. In terms of convenience and speed, patients will receive innumerable advantages.

The need for Android application development for healthcare is without questions. With expanding dependence on apps to provide them with everything from shopping to entertainment, it makes sense that healthcare would be next. The number of reasons making the case for healthcare-related Android application development are many. But the most important has to do with immediate access to life-saving medical information, drugs, and procedures.

These apps can help to find the nearest available doctor or hospitals. Patients do not have to walk or drive around if they are in an unknown area in order to get medical help. During emergencies, such apps can be used to summon ambulances swiftly, without losing time on directing it to the site of the emergency. Patients can use these apps to make appointments with ease, and even have medicines delivered to their doorsteps. These features are especially necessary for elderly patients who do not have the strength to make multiple trips within a day, week or month.  Apps can also be used to communicate with doctors remotely and translate information between patient and doctor speaking different languages.

Android application development in healthcare Make an Inquiry about this news holds particular promise. Since Android application users number the highest among smartphone owners globally, Android apps focusing on healthcare will be able to benefit millions of customers.

The list mentioned above constitute the most important reasons, each of which is explored in the article. However, it is, by no means, an exhaustive list. If you ask the question “Should Android app made created to make healthcare more easily accessible?”, the answer will never be in the negative.


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The digital market functions on one simple principle: there is an app for everything. People use apps to buy practically anything in existence. One can order an LCD TV, a treadmill and a Deadpool mug within minutes, without leaving the comfort of their living room sofa. Naturally, it stands to reason that healthcare will tap into the same app market.

Healthcare is one of the most immediate needs of humankind. Guaranteed delivery of pizza in 30 minutes is well and good, but most people would give it up in a heartbeat for the guarantee of getting an ambulance in 15 minutes. Thanks to the seemingly unstoppable progression of all things digital, healthcare can become more accessible and infinitely more responsive.     

Among the many reasons that justify Android application development for healthcare, the following are the most significant:

  • Immediate Access: In a world where customers can find the closest sushi restaurant with an app, it is a reasonable expectation that they can do the same for doctors and hospitals. By investing in healthcare-based Android application development, patients can be provided with easier and more convenient ways to address their medical needs.

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Apps can be designed to locate the closest available doctor and/or hospital. This is especially useful in emergency situations or for elderly patients who cannot walk around looking for a healthcare facility that will admit them. For example, apps like HealthTap enable patients to speak to doctors around the clock regarding general, non-threatening health issues.

  • Swift Assistance During Emergencies: Consider that an accident has occurred. Traditionally, someone would have to call an ambulance and direct the driver to the location of the accident. This seems simple enough, but if the patient is in critical condition, the process can be quite arduous.

On the other hand, if an app could be programmed to notify all available ambulances within the vicinity of the accident (the location of which could be detected via GPS), then this life-saving process is accelerated. Needless to say, the faster option is always the preferable one in this case. Android application development that helps to meet these criteria would save precious lives.

  • Greater Convenience: Instead of having to wait in line in order to make an appointment with a doctor, Android app programmers can make an app that does this online. Doctors’ would not have to deal with crowded waiting rooms if they could notify their patients about the time of their appointment time online. Cancellations could similarly handle. Android mobile app development can also help to save patients from unnecessary trips to doctors’ chambers, especially when they are physically ill.

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  • Fostering Easier Connection: Some patients might feel hesitant about revealing their entire medical history verbally to a doctor they are seeing for the first time. Android app development can craft an app that lets patient enter the details of their previous issues before meeting the doctor. Individuals are usually more comfortable writing down sensitive information about themselves, as opposed to saying it out loud.

Similarly, Android app development services can infuse an app with features that help to instill better communication. Omnifluent Health, for example, translates patients’ questions and concerns into a language of their choice. This is of immense help when the patient and doctor do not speak the same language.

  • Quick Delivery of Medicine: Elderly patients who live alone cannot be expected to go out and buy necessary medicine every week. If their prescriptions need to be filled frequently, it is much more convenient for them to have an app that allows them to order medicines online. An Android app development company that invests in building this app will not only have a major market to tap into, but also add real, necessary value to humanity at large.             

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