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How to Develop Travel Agency App Essential Points Covered Here

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Today, the whole travel can be booked from your phone. Here is how you can develop the best travel agency app. Gone are the days when booking ticket or hotel rooms meant visiting an agency.

If you own a travel agency, then right now you must be apprehensive about the future. Traditional travel agencies are going the way of cassettes.

So, how do you save your business? Travel Agency App Make an Inquiry about this news is the answer to all your problems.

The global revenue from online travel sales has been constantly increasing in the last few years and is expected to reach 817 billion USD by the year 2020.

Apps like Expedia,, Skyscanner, etc. are perhaps the best mobile app for travel agents and they command a major portion of the revenue from digital online travel sales.

These are the giants in the industry and you will have to come up with a unique way to stand up to them.

So, how can you set your app apart from the other travel apps for agents? How do you ensure that your app holds its own against competitors? Read on to find out.

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What Services Can You Provide?

There are no takers in the market for travel apps that do just one job. Users are looking for apps that can book flights, hotels, cabs for local travel, tour packages etc.

So, it will be in your best interests if your travel agency app offers these services and more.

What Business Model Should You Follow?

There are different ways by which your travel agency app can earn money. Each business model has its own pros and cons and you need to analyze them and select one that suits you the best.

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Here are the three most common business models:

An Agency Model

This is very similar to what a traditional travel agency would do. You act as the middleman between the airline or hotel and the customer and you get a commission on every booking.

A Merchant Model

In this model, you will have to buy a host of rooms in hotels at a wholesale price and sell them on your websites at the retail price. This requires a huge amount of initial investment on your part.

You should also have the best mobile app for travel agents Make an Inquiry about this news for this model to be profitable.

An Advertising Model

In this model, you just display the details of the flights, hotels, etc. and the customer gets redirected to the merchant's website for making the actual booking.

You get paid per clicks that you generate. This is an ideal model to start your travel agency app.

Once you have a good number of customers, you can switch to either of the other models if you wish.

How to Gain Users? Some Tips and Tricks

Setting up the app is easy with the Mobile App Maker Make an Inquiry about this news, but the journey doesn't end there. You have to expand your user base to make the app successful and profitable.

So how do you do that? An app that runs smoothly and has a simple and user-friendly interface is a good starting point. But you need something that makes your travel agency app unique.

There are many ways to do this. One is to launch the app for markets that have not been explored much.

Regions such as Africa and unknown cities in Europe and Asia are some good examples. These places do have a lot to offer to tourists and since people want to go on vacations that are unique and visit places their friends haven't visited, this will definitely get you a good following.

Also, you can connect travelers to local guides who can volunteer to take them around. This way the travelers get to explore a city and discover parts of it they never would otherwise.

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Develop the Best Mobile App for Travel Agents

A travel agency app can set you apart from the competition. It can also help you transition your travel agency to the mobile platform and help it gain more users.

So what are you waiting for? Develop your travel app today!      

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