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4 Must have Contractor Apps for a Construction Manager

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Dedicated contractor apps are making a huge impression on the construction industry. If you haven’t tried it, you may be missing out on some amazing functionalities.

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Managing a construction project by contractor apps is a demanding task which involves overseeing dozens of activities and planning ahead. Traditionally, managing construction has been heavily reliant on back-end paperwork which includes task and inventory checklist, blueprints, employee payrolls, important documents and more, all of which have to be carried out manually.

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In recent years, mobile construction manager apps have started to make their way into the construction industry by bringing functionalities that speed up management of various tasks through fast and real-time communication between other technological devices.

The top contractor apps come with different features developed for different tasks involved in construction management. The cost of development of these apps vary hugely depending on the time it takes to integrate suggested features as well as the reliability and reputation of the app development company.

This article highlights some of the best construction manager apps and breaks down their unique functions that are bound to determine the cost of features that work for your company's requirements and budget.


JobFlex is an excellent construction manager app Make an Inquiry about this news for estimating and managing bids. In a competitive industry like construction, the ability to quickly close a bid is critical to stay ahead of the competition. JobFlex allows you to make budget estimates for customers on the spot and in quick time. It also enables you to draft budget estimates with a customisable form which includes photos and line items of materials with their costs. Once you have drafted and reviewed the budget, you can simply print it or send it by email to a customer to seal the deal. Jobflex does not require a cellular connection while drafting an estimate.


When it comes to construction project management, CoConstruct is a construction manager app that delivers the complete package. It is a versatile app with a variety of features that has applications in all fields of construction.

With CoConstruction, rather than relying on extensive paperwork or excel sheets to check workflow, task list or expense sheets, you can simply save these documents which can then be retrieved, updated, and revised at any time. This saves time enabling you to work on other activities simultaneously while being spared of the hassles of maintaining multiple files and documents.

CoConstruct establishes a convenient platform between you and your customers, allowing sharing of updates regarding progress and changes quickly in the form of email or text message, including images all through the app. You can also select materials and customisations to enhance the features of the project for the best possible design.

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e-Builder is a contractor apps that is sure to boost the efficiency of your construction company. Using real-time business intelligence reports, e-builder lets you visualise and receive updates of your project in real time. This enables you to oversee and manage multiple projects simultaneously and make critical decisions without any delay.

e-Builder is a cloud-based app which means you can store an endless amount of documents that can be retrieved and updated at any time. This is particularly useful for big construction companies that have to sort and maintain large documents pertaining to different projects. In order to check and update work progress, e-Builder has a tabular reporting system and a Workflow manager from which workers can update and share completed tasks and newly assigned tasks. It can also produce customisable forms in which you can put any required documents pertaining to the construction project.

Although the target audience of e-Building is big construction companies, it also services smaller construction companies. 

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Drone Deploy

With so many industries using drones for various reasons, it’s no surprise that they have also found a place in the construction industry. The purpose of drones from Drone Deploy is to produce 3D models of your construction site.

Surveying and mapping a construction site is a laborious and time-consuming task. Often, the level of meticulousness and accuracy required for mapping a construction site cannot be fulfilled manually which can lead to critical flaws in the aftermath. Drone Deploy uses drones to collect aerial data and take measurements of distance, area, and volume to survey project sites accurately. It streamlines the planning of your construction site to produce a 3D representation.

By integrating Building Information Modeling (BIM) with high-res Point Clouds, Drone Deploy can create a 3D model of your construction project.

Final Thoughts

The top construction apps offer useful features for construction managers. It’s important that before you decide to choose an app, you go through the features and go for the ones that best suit your requirements. The right contractor apps and the budget required to develop this app will largely depend on the uniqueness of features you want to integrate on to the app. Remember, more features do not necessarily mean better. The key is to have features that significantly ease the management of your construction project.

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