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Why KOTLIN is more popular than JAVA?

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Today’s world is all about technology and technology. The technology is mainly about different apps that make our life easier. App developers are working hard to meet the demand of various uses for apps. The major question a new developer can face is choosing the appropriate language to develop the app.

The most talked about languages for developing an app is Java and Kotlin. Java was the most used language to develop an app, but from the time Google announced that Kotlin is its official language, Java is losing its shine and preference. Here let's have a look at why Kotlin is more popular than Java?

  • Less Code

22-year-old java was developed by Oracle as a backward compatible language, as a result, it becomes harder to include new features, thereby increasing the code. While Kotlin is developed from scratch, so there is no layer to layer architecture, thereby decreasing the amount of code.

  • Null Pointer

Null Pointer is present in most of the programming languages, but the way to handle differs from program to program. In Java, you have to check manually but in Kotlin every object is set to null and it also provides automized check-ups for a null pointer.

  • Safety Language

In Kotlin all the classes are treated as functions and vice-versa. This feature helps in safety check-ups.

  • Saves time

Kotlin has less code, so a chance for lesser bugs is also more. While developing an app, the amount of coding depends on the time is taken for coding and debugging.

Kotlin has few additional features which help in developing an application for Android easier.

  • One click conversion to Java

Kotlin has a special feature which would convert its programs to Java, one program at a time, even the complex programs that run into millions of lines.

If you are new to both Java and Kotlin, then you should go for Kotlin. At present Kotlin does not have much support as Java because this language is new to compared to Java. Kotlin is gaining popularity mainly because Google announces Kotlin as its official language. Google also announced that Kotlin is an additional language but not a replacement for Java/C++.

But if you are already using Java, then shifting to Kotlin would be very easy as it is an advanced version of Java. It would take a day or two to acquaint yourself with syntax.

Classes for your app can be a combination of Kotlin and Java (if you are facing difficulty in developing a class in Kotlin) as well. After compilation, the code will be converted to bytecode, because App Modulation of Android can only read bytecode.

Java is considered to be one of the oldest programming languages. The few positives of java are

  • Easy documentation
  • Easy to learn
  • assists in learning modern day programming languages

Both the languages have their own pros and cons. It depends upon the requirement of the developer to decide upon the language for Android App Development. So go ahead and decide upon a language and start developing an app according to your client’s requirement.

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