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Create best Event Apps to make sure your event is a roaring success

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Create Best Event Apps to Make Sure Your Event Is a Roaring Success

Developing the best event apps for an upcoming event will ensure that your attendees are more engaged and interactive. Take your event to the next level by developing an event app with the best features.

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Mobile event apps are being used increasingly in events and conferences all over the world. According to research, there has been a massive jump in use of attendee mobile event apps from 85% in 2015 to 94% in 2016.

Given the ubiquitous use of mobile event apps, it is almost compulsory to create a Best event apps Make an Inquiry about this news for conferences and events of a certain scale. A mobile event app has several benefits that have made it a common feature of most big events:

  • ·         It allows for networking opportunities between professionals at the event in a more streamlined manner. People can search for professionals they want to connect to and then meet them offline.
  • ·         It allows people to personalize their agenda as per their own needs and interests and attend the sessions that are relevant to them.
  • ·         It helps collect real-time data from the attendees through in-app polls and conferences.
  • ·         All events need sponsors, and a captive mobile app is very attractive to sponsoring companies. It allows them access to the app’s networking feature, ads within the app and an opportunity to conduct polls. Any event which is looking for good sponsorship figures needs to have an app.

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However, since event apps are now almost necessary for a large scale event, they are upping their game when it comes to the features to be incorporated within which ensure they get downloaded and used during the event.

So, it isn’t just enough to create a custom event app but to have the best event apps for iPhone and Android with the latest features.

Here are some of the latest features that are present in the best event apps 2018.

Interactive Maps

These maps not only give directions to the venue (and sometimes to multiple venues), they can also double as a city guide with information on hotels, things-to-do, restaurants, and so on. These maps can also be a great monetization channel as they can be used to mark sponsors especially if the sponsors provide services like food, accommodation, and transport.

Live Chat and Social Media Integration

The live chat feature with event organizers helps to keep people abreast of any updates and solves their queries in real-time. Integrating social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram will also allow people to share information about future events as well as information from the event while the event is happening.

Mobile App Solution For Events; FREE Demo Make an Inquiry about this news Gamification and Live Polls

Creating games and quizzes within the app is a good way to keep event attendees engaged especially during breaks between sessions. It is also a great way to monetize as you can integrate your sponsors within these games. Similarly, live polls by sponsors are also a great option. Moreover, live polls and surveys about current or future sessions increase engagement levels.

Purchasing Event Tickets

Having the functionality of buying and booking tickets from within the event app makes the process of finding tickets seamless for attendees. It also makes sure that your attendees have the app downloaded on their phones well in advance.

When it comes to developing a best mobile event apps, there are three possible approaches.

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Building a Custom Event App from Scratch

In this case, you would have to outsource the app development to a mobile app development company. However, creating an app with all the desired features from scratch is cumbersome and costly and is usually not worth it for most events.

Branded Event Apps

This means using an app that has its own brand name and hosts a number of events under that brand. It is easier to use in terms of setting up and getting started and is mostly suited for smaller events. However, at the end of the day, the brand is not yours, and there may be limits to how much customization is possible.

White Label Event App

In this case, you can use a software which has event app templates and allows you to create your own event app. Although setting it up will be a bit more complex than the branded app, it will allow you to create an app that is exclusive to your event and has only your event’s branding on it.

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Take Your Event to the Next Level with the Best Event Apps

The bottom line is that in this day and age no event is complete without the best event apps that makes people’s engagement with the event deeper. Make sure that the mobile app you develop has all the latest features so that it can truly add value to your event and make it a resounding success.

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