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How Healthcare Apps Can Revolutionize the Industry?

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In coming days, the problems that are being experienced by the healthcare segment are going to be effectively addressed with the help of healthcare apps.

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The healthcare sector has been experiencing significant challenges on different fronts. Increasing costs of patient care services, decreasing margins, product recalling, escalating research and development expenses, and adhering to rules and regulations are posing problems to both, patients and healthcare professionals. An IoT driven ecosystem can mitigate these problems to a large extent with efficient leveraging of the potential of healthcare apps.

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By 2022, the total expenditure on IoT interventions in the healthcare segment is slated to cross USD 410 billion, a research done by Grand View Research Inc. claims. Leveraging IoT’s potential at such a large scale could be done in many ways, prominent among which are discussed below.

1) Remote Health Monitoring

Immediate medical attention can be given to a patient remotely through a wearable device with a healthcare app for Android or iOS installed on them. Such apps can prove beneficial in other ways too, like:

  • · The Doctor can monitor the patient’s health in real-time without having to visit them.
  • · Patient’s health can be analyzed and the related information can be presented on the dashboard.
  • · Information about a patient's medical conditions and history can be stored in the cloud.
  • · Alerts are triggered whenever the routine of a patient changes.

With the help of a healthcare application installed on a portable wearable device, the time a patient has to spend in a hospital would reduce and doctors would be able to efficiently monitor and suggest remedies remotely.

2) Improved Hygiene Consciousness

Unhygienic conditions that may go unnoticed in hospitals can put a patient’s life at risk. IoT driven health application can prove useful to prevent infection due to unclean hands or medical instruments. Sensors can be programmed to scan the hands of nurses/doctors and instruments to check if the object in question is clean enough.

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3) Curtailing Rising Costs

One proven measure for containing rising healthcare costs is to conserve resources. With IoT, you can monitor the performance of each energy consuming device within the hospital through data collected from connected sensors. Air conditioners, washing units, health screening devices, and literally anything can be brought under IoT’s area of influence. Intelligent health applications for an iPhone or Android device can detect usage and provide data for informed decision making.

4) Using Blockchain Technology for Medical Data Storage

Personalized medication can be given to patients of all age groups using IoT generated data which can be safely stored and transacted by using blockchain technology. A decentralized platform can be chosen for running IoT underpinned applications. Chances of wrongful or deliberate manipulation of critical IoT data can be eliminated through blockchain programming. Cost efficient treatment and care can be delivered and the wait time for primary health care can be reduced.

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5) Other Advantages

Clinical trials can be carried out in an accelerated manner due to real-time availability and analysis of data with IoT tools. Regulatory demands can be met comprehensively by generating and providing compliance reports for all clinical equipment with ease. Healthcare standards can be met. The best fitness apps for iPhone and Android would help doctors prescribe care regimen for patients and track compliance by monitoring vital body parameters.

Final Note

Internet of Things has a long way to go to enhance the outreach of the healthcare segment and optimizing care as well as cost with innovative solutions. Intuitive healthcare apps Make an Inquiry about this news have an integral role to play in furthering the utility of IoT in the medical sector.

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