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Build Event Management App For Social Gatherings and Event Planning for Business

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The mobile apps have taken the world by a storm and are being used everywhere. So be a part of this transformation and find out how to create an all-rounder Event Management App.

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The advancements in mobile technology in the past decade has impacted every sector and event planning is not very far behind. According to a survey, about eighty percent of event management companies and organizers use a party or event planning app. Party planning requires putting together a lot of resources and meeting numerous deadlines.

The organisers have to work on the guest lists, manage the venue, and create schedules for various activities. Therefore a  Event Management App Make an Inquiry about this news, that has all the requisite features that help manage such exigencies in one place will ensure smoother, faster and easier event management.

Read on to find out how to create a great  Event Organising App that will help you organise and manage any event with utmost ease.

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Better Organising

Any event, be it a business gathering or a casual party has a schedule. It also has an agenda or a cause as to why the event is taking place. A party or business planning app should have the feature of marking the attendee and the host calendar for that day and notifying them when the event is happening. Bonus points if it has a reminder feature which helps them never be late. Integrating Google Calendar with your  Event Management App can make this possible. Moreover, Google Calendar also has features of notifying users by email and helps you create custom reminders for all kind of events.

Sorting Events

An  Event App should have the attribute of sorting and categorizing events on the basis of various filters. The sorting can be done on the basis of:

  • Type.
  • Interests.
  • Price.
  • Date and time.

This makes it easier for users to choose an event according to their convenience.

Helping Users to Engage in Networking

One of the reasons for organising social and business events is for establishing trusted contacts. Integrating your  Event Management App with popular social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn will help users to connect with the people they meet in these events. Further, linking your app with these platforms will allow users to share the information about the various events they are attending, thus acting as a self-promotional measure, both for the event and app.

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Accessibility to the Location

You have created a  Event Management App that notifies the users, helps them to connect with others and know about the event's details, but do they know how to get there? Your app should have a feature that redirects users to the map of the venue and gives directions to reach there. Integrating your app with Google Maps can make this happen, making things easier for your users.

Continuous Feedback and Review

A  Event Management App is not complete without a review and feedback feature. This feature should present short and precise questions to the guests after they have attended the event. These questions should focus on assessing events on the basis of what guests liked, what they disliked and what could have been done better. This will help event managers to continuously improve and organise their events better.

Get, Set, Implement!

A  Event Management App can help event organisers and attendees be better prepared and more efficient. Now that you are aware of the features your app should have, you can go ahead to implement one that stands out in the crowd!

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