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Trucker Apps are improving our overall experience with cars. Check out these amazing features and see how they can enhance the quality of your experience with cars.

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Auto manufacturers and tech companies are collaborating to work on the next big radical transformation to impact the automotive industry. In the meantime, existing technologies like Trucker Apps and radio navigated apps are being refined and repackaged with exciting concepts like Artificial Intelligence (AI) to give drivers an experience like never before.

Rapid application development for transportation apps has had a profound impact on how drivers interact with their surroundings, allowing them to make quicker decisions and easing the overall commute. This article highlights features of Trucker Apps that assist drivers in more ways than one.

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Better and Timely Maintenance

Forget those paper logbooks crammed into your glove compartment. The best Trucker Apps record your car’s day-to-day needs and its long-term service history. You can set maintenance reminders by date or mileage. These apps also include a gas log so you can figure your miles/kilometres per litre/gallon and graph it over time. These apps are especially ideal if you are managing a fleet of cars and need to keep records of all your cars.

Auto Reminder for Service Schedules

Most Trucker Apps come with an auto reminder function that helps you with preventive care measures to ensure that your cars are out of the repair shop. These let you set up service schedules or add maintenance routines that you perform regularly, like oil changes and tire rotations to the list. When your car needs service, relevant items on the apps will notify you of the required service.

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Fix List to Assess Condition of Cars

Some car apps have features that let you record unplanned trips to the shop that are taxing your wallet. These apps will keep a log of all services undertaken on the car like general repairs, date of repairs, odometer reading before and after repairs, and parts changed during service. When the list gets too long or the repair comes too frequently, the apps will notify and advice on a quick sale or trade-in for a new car.

Pinpointing Your Parking Spot

Parking in a huge parking lot can be tricky, especially when you find yourself looking for your car when it’s time to leave. Trucker Apps remember where you parked and give you directions back to your car. Most of these apps will have a space for where you can add notes, such as “row H3 on the Third Level of Public Parking Garage on Main Street”.

Additional features like radar graph will show you where you are and where you need to go to find your car. These apps will come with either maps or satellite views.

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Avoid Parking Violations

With these car apps, you can even track how long you’ve been parked. This is a handy Trucker Apps feature if you’ve parked at a parking meter. You can set the apps to notify you when your time is up. In addition, the direction arrows will help you get to your car quicker, additionally displaying the distance and time it will take to reach your car.

Final Thoughts

The auto industry in recent years has seen a lot of technological innovations especially when it comes to increased accessibility, less-congested commutes, and a reprieve from certain environmental challenges. You would be forgiven if you missed these lesser-known features in all the hullabaloo of everything that is taking place in the industry. Nonetheless, these Trucker Apps have a lot to offer for users and are sure to come in handy, when the need arises.

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