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6 most trending Augmented Reality Startup Ideas for business 2019

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6 most trending Augmented Reality Startup Ideas for business 2019

Augmented reality is an add-on medium to the emotionalize the business. The best part of AR is that it can convert a tangible product into a digital mode of expression

Businesses need solutions so that they can better connect customers with emerging products and services. Therefore, AR featured solutions are being used for too many product categories.

Today, the industry needs simple, but more precise solutions that can complement their services. Hence, augmented reality gear up your business strategies.

As the possibilities are limitless AR is everywhere and in everything.

Augmented Reality Ideas for You Business 

  1. AR Packaging
  2. AR Magazines and Flyers
  3. AR Painting
  4. AR Beauty
  5. AR Services and Repair
  6. AR Toy

With time AR is growing, but what exactly distinguishes this technology from others is its immersive experience. AR applies computer-generated images onto the real world and provides a composite view of the surroundings.

With AR, businesses are jumping on the bandwagon to use this advanced technology.

Research Analysis from 2016 predicts that by 2021, augmented reality will generate industry revenue of $133.78 billion. As time is moving the current market is getting introduced with a number of apps developed for AR on mobile and head mount display (HMD) platforms.

1. AR Packaging

Augmented Reality growth in various industries is unfolding business potential for all size of businesses. Likewise, one new way to make customers remember your brand is to create AR packaging.

On a smartphone user can view the virtual product and required knowledge of the product. From the business point the AR product packaging narrates the story of a brand representing the product specification.

2. AR Magazines and Flyers

With time the publication sector is also trying to keep it up to date with AR. AR-powered Magazineis one of the most notable solutions in the publishing industry.

Via the lens of smartphone AR can make ordinary magazine special. This helps the publishers to transform ordinary things into a trendy standard.

3. AR painting

Augmented Reality transforms imagination into reality. AR allows users to create and draw paints over real-world. 

Users after finishing the painting can save and upload it. Painting and creating field when augmented helps the users to visualize the world in all new ways.

It can act as a social platform where users can like, dislike the uploaded content.

4. AR Beauty

The beauty brands are and can engage users using Augmented Reality. There are many beauty brands trying to find different ways to integrate technology into their retail experience.

This is the way to promote new products and increase sales of a brand’s items. The field-like beauty mainly requires physical try-on solutions to engage users.

5. AR services and repair

Service and repair field, especially for appliance and devices, are utilizing Augmented Reality technology to enhance their services. AR in this field has become more enhanced and active in term of customer services.

As customer service is the backbone of every size of a business when augmented take services to the next level.  

6. AR Toy

Augmented Reality in the toy has seen a lot of development as several companies are wisely looking into ways to utilize this technology. This is a new way that is appealing to kids.

Kids are enjoying these toys while exploring the combination of traditional toys and technology.

Final lines

As the competition is increasing other areas of opportunity are predicted to encourage higher AR adoption rates from consumers ends. As the real world becomes digitally interactive and loaded with virtual information businesses are finding solutions to club existing software and hardware gaps in the technology.

AR is still in its primary stage, revenue stream and ideas for in-experience monetization are still being explored in every sector. For entrepreneur or business, those who are looking to add value to their model are integrating AR.

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