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What Skills an App Developer Should Have in 2019?

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With the year 2019 on our doorsteps, every day many speculations are being made about how the tech domain will evolve further in the coming few months. Adding to the same segment we decided to throw some light on one of the most sought after development trend and formulated a resourceful walkthrough to hire app developer with skills for futuristic development with the next-gen trends of 2019.

Mobile app development market is on a boom. It has grown larger than we expected and thus already bashed all the estimations we made in 2017 about its reach in this year. Likewise last year, many leading mobile app development companies admitted that they are expecting the mobile app sales to reach approximately £75 billion tabs in 2019. Almost every industry has adapted to the trend and it is like a boon to the start-ups.

Thus, if you are looking forward to hiring android or iPhone developer this blog is going to act as a guide in your quest to find the right developer for your project in 2019.

1. Knowledge of Blockchain Technology

The blockchain is huge and way past its crypto-currency technology image. It has undeniably become one of the most sought-after technologies of 2019. It is the makers of the Internet of tomorrow and there is no surprise if you too are looking to lavish the technology in your operations, getting your business future ready.

Thus, for 2019, the blockchain technology is your much-wanted pinnacle to make your enterprise more compatible with the next generation internet and consumer demands. More and more enterprises are now investing in the tools that are integrated with the Blockchain based databases. It is a great indicator that you would probably need to hire application developer with possibly good knowledge on the technology to flourish. Especially the cryptographic algorithms coding that is now enabling a developer to create distributed and decentralized databases. 

2. Knowledge of the Fintech industry

Fintech, if you are not too familiar with the name it is the industry which bridges the gap between the world of technology and finance. Evolving to become big in the finance and banking sector, it is all set to take away the shortcoming of the banking sector with its improved technically superior financial services. It is aimed at revolutionizing the financial services with innovative tech prowess. Services such as online payments, e-wallets, currency exchange, loan lending processes are some of the key targets of service for the industry.

The industry is expected to blow up to 46 Billion by the year 2020, according to Statista Portal it is one of the exceeding verticals of technology. With so much of hype in coming one year, it is expected that more and more start-ups, companies and enterprise will look forward to the mobile app development company for innovative financial solutions to compete for the traditional banks.

3. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

AI is going to rule the year of 2019. With showing so much of promise in the last two years, AI and ML are all set to woo the world with advanced analytics and comprehensive computing solutions.  The same is expected from Machine Learning. The internet just can’t get enough of this amazing technology. It is an advent and a miracle of technology that we are now able to convert the heaps of data into meaningful insight that helps us react better to the dynamics of the global market.

With these two amazing technologies now you are able to match the relevant ads to the user search and have more visibility on the online space.  

Now although the field is so promising and you might want to invest in the technology. Finding the right developer and technology partner is rather difficult. It is relatively new and thus it is difficult to find expert developers with years of knowledge in the find.

The field requires great mastery over mathematical knowledge, linear algebra, numerical methods, probability, statistics, and specialization to provide us full-fledged results. Investment thus in this technology is quite trickier than other fields of mobile app development where all you need is to find a good and reliable mobile app development company.

4. Problem-solving Skills

Knowledge of technical tools and modern-toolset is an essential quality to be looking for while we hire mobile app developers. However, it is undeniable that problem-solving skills, proven process innovation in the methods is equally essential and a great characteristic to be looked for in a developer.

According to HackerRank Portal, the 2018 Developer Skills report, in fact, placed the ability to solve problems to be a foremost skill to look for in android and iPhone developers. It is one of the highest voted skills that employers look for in a developer.

Solving problems is an inevitable part of a developer’s life and thus, to understand a problem and then break it down into smaller tasks resolving it with its know-how knowledge it is something to be cherished in a developer’s characteristic. It is the only way to solve the larger tasks.  Not only this but the problem-solving qualities in a developer is a good indicator of his prowess in custom app development, and creativity to use modern technology tools to give away high-quality user experience.


Creating new ways is something that is expected from the developers. While you hire app developer, these are some of the few points that will help you evaluate a developer on the bases of technology, trends, and also on behavioral aspects of his approach to mobile app development.

Also, we suggest you to try to know what kind of understanding prevails in mind of your candidate to solve the problems and understanding the needs of the user.

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