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8 Proven Tactics to speed up Mobile App Development Process

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There are various ways through which you can accelerate your timeline. To provide a quality product in a timely manner, you should adopt top-notch strategies. Get more details here.

The development of mobile applications has completely revolutionized the modern tech world. Needless to say, mobile apps have become one of the best marketing tools for developing businesses as through these users can access all information at their fingertips. However, creating a mobile application is not an easy task as various things are involved in the mobile app development. If you are thinking about great conversion rates then it is quite necessary to create and launch application at the right time.

The main purpose of building mobile applications is to grab the attention of targeted audience and transform them into potential customers.

Here we are discussing few ways to accelerate application development process –

Parse Server

It is an open-source cloud backend tool that is backed by additional services such as file storage, push notifications, database and user management. Before using this tool, you have to create a Parse server on Paas. You have to integrate the app with the parse server and after that you can use this tool. The best thing about this tool is that it is an open-source so you can use Parse Server on any of the infrastructure providers. In fact, app developers don’t have to spend too much time in building up back-end services as well as investing in web server maintenance.

Hybrid App Development

At the time of building a mobile application, there is always confusion regarding native app development or hybrid app development. According to expert developers, it is always a good idea to choose hybrid app development as hybrid applications are created using several web technologies such as HTML, CSS & JavaScript. Such kind of technological advancement helps developers to boost the development process and thus save time and money.


Fastlane pays heavy attention to continuous deployment and integration. Whenever any version is built, Fastlane will be automatically pushed to the end users/beta testers. The main function of this tool is to automate the workflow and process.

Minimum Viable Product

It is the responsibility of app developers to focus on building app presence in the market. Because of this reason, mobile app developers should pay attention to MVP for building a quality app. There are huge advantages of using MVP as you can offer the audience a sneak peak of the background and show them how they can take advantage from the application. Through this way, you can get the feedback from the users as well as make the needful changes. Needless to say, MVP offers you right measure of improvement so that you can have quality app in a small time frame.

Apply Wireframes into the Design

Wireframes are the best things through you can preview your expected product. In fact, they are very useful in formulating the information about the product that you want to create. Wireframes are the best thing through which you can easily speed up mobile app development process as it offers you a clear direction. Wireframes not only help developers to accelerate the development process but also provide a unified stage to analyze the functionality of the application.

Automated Testing        

In the mobile app development cycle, developers can’t ignore the phase of automated testing. In this phase, various methods are used by app developers that help them to save a significant amount of time. In fact, automated testing is the best thing that can improve the performance of application. In automation testing, quick testing procedure is included that can make the app development campaign really faster.

Agile Development

If you are still working on the waterfall development method then you should immediately switch to agile development. In present times, there are various iPhone app development companies that follow agile development to speed up the process.  Although waterfall development provides a better structure as compared to agile development but app developers prefer agile development as it provides productive results at fast pace. Agile development is ideal for open-ended communication between app developers and app owners.

Outsource Non-core Development Features

No matter if your in-house programmers have lots of experience but what if you have to launch Android and iPhone application at the same time? If some level of coding is required in your mobile application then you should consider outsourcing some of your development efforts. It is always a good idea to outsource developers so that the development team can concentrate on main operations.

Now you can integrate these tools and make Android app development process quite faster.


In the present time period, it is quite difficult to achieve the best mobile app in quick succession.  Being a reputed mobile app development company, Fluper build amazing applications that can meet client expectations in every detail.

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