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Best Practices to Increase App Retention with Onboarding

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If you want to make your app a success then you have to measure right metrics so that you can reach your target goals. If you want to create an effective user onboarding experience, just check the best strategies.

It is always critical to have an effective mobile app onboarding experience. This is because great user onboarding help to boost long-term success metrics such as user lifetime value and user retention. In the world of apps, mobile app retention is the most important thing and this is reason mobile app development firms are focusing on such thing to increase company profitability. Mobile app onboarding is imperative for activating users and reducing abandonment rates.

Here we are discussing a few things through which you can easily create highly effective onboarding process and enhance the user experience –

1. Make the app onboarding process simple –

Ensure that your application provides easy user onboarding experience. If your application requires an account before the user interacts with it then make sure it provides fun. If you are unable to do so then users might get disheartened and they will also not provide personal information. All such things will be responsible for lower conversion, engagement and retention rates.

Try to make the registration process clutter free and if possible avoid long forms with numerous data fields. There are various applications that allow users to sign up through Gmail and Facebook. During the onboarding, you have to emphasize on app’s core features.

2. Send Push Notifications to keep users engaged

Push notifications are the only thing that can make as well as break your engagement rates. If such things are done in the right manner then it will boost app engagement. But if you send push notifications to the non-targeted group then you may lose users.

Consider these factors before launching a push notification campaign –

a) Consider Timing

Always consider the timing at your priority and don’t send push notifications while users are sleeping. Before sending push notifications, factor in your customer’s time zone.

b) Adjust the frequency

To increase your conversion rates, you have to ensure that each push notifications provide exceptional value.

c) Limit the number of ads

Make sure push notifications should not feel like an advertisement. The spammy push notifications are a real nightmare for mobile app users.

d) Make targeted pushes

Divide the users according to their interaction and never send them bulk notifications in bulk.

3. Get feedback from users

There are various ways through which you can get feedback from users about your application. It is extremely important for app developers to highlight the things that the app can do. Compile all feedbacks at one place and figure out which updates & features are most valuable to users.

a) Mobile app stores

Either it is Google Play or Apple’s App Store, don’t forget to check user reviews. Make sure your team is properly responding to user reviews. Try to focus on reviews in which problems are included and never ignore them.

b) Carry out user surveys

User surveys are the best thing through which you can gather feedback. For user surveys, you can use in-app survey tools as well as offer a link to survey through social media channels. Compile all feedback at one place and figure out which features are most valuable to users. Don’t forget to track the mentions and then check if they are positive or negative.

4. Regularly upgrade UI

It is always a good idea to update UI and UX regularly. In fact, you need to upgrade UI/UX according to users’ needs and after that gather feedback. It is an emerging app marketing tactic through which users can easily access certain sections of the app. Such things not only increase user engagement but also help you to establish a more loyal user base. Always look for new and innovative ways to improve your app’s UX.

5. Test, Track and Improve

To boost mobile app engagement rates, you should track app user behavior. You can use A/B testing to check out what works best for your app and what does not.  It is often seen certain colors, patterns as well as texts able to engage various users. There are various tools that can help you to conduct A/B testing. In fact, there are various tools through which you can measure important metrics such as daily active users, crash rates, heat maps etc.

6. Focus on App Engagement

User retention and app engagement, both are equally important for top-notch Android app development companies. If people don’t come back to use your mobile app one month, six months or one year after activation then your app will be on life support. In order to build a mobile app that will survive for years then you need to focus on onboarding workflows.


Through robust onboarding techniques, Android app development companies can easily identify factors around how to boost user engagement. If you want to make an amazing first impression through app then get in touch with Fluper where 100% bug-free apps are developed using cutting-edge technology & tools.

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