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5 reasons why Hybrid App Development is ruling the market

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Organizations today aspire to develop platforms that offer improved engagement with the target audiences and hybrid apps can help you to achieve this. Do you why hybrid apps have become a good choice when it comes to app development? Read the complete write-up and find out!


In today’s world, users have become quite contented in the search, as well as the purchase of products through Smartphone apps. Nevertheless, with multiple OS, like iOS, Windows, Android building an app and generating a mobile edition of the website is, on the whole, a different story. There are different paths an organization could take, in order to develop applications. However, one of the methods to win the race is via hybrid app development.

Therefore, numerous app development companies now completely agree with the fact that building a hybrid app is a sensible move. Do you know why? Hybrid app development services are high-performing, feature-packed, scalable, secure and robust. They can handle any business requirements. We will discuss the key factors, making Hybrid apps significant for your business but before that let’s go through a brief introduction of a hybrid app.

What is a Hybrid App?

A hybrid mobile app is not limited to a specific OS. Written with standard web technology, such as CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript, these apps make use of a third-party product. This is basically done to “wrap” the code, in order to make it act similar to a native app for diverse mobile operating systems. For instance, a web app written in CSS, JavaScript, and HTML5 can be united with a product, like Cordova or PhoneGap. The app is finally then made accessible at every store, including Google Play, iTunes, etc.

Benefits of Hybrid Apps

Fundamentally, a hybrid mobile app is a native app. It is downloaded through an App Store like native and can access all the native features, such as an accelerometer, sensors, camera, GPS, and contacts. The dissimilarity is that the native require platform-centered languages, such as Java, Objective-C, and Swift. On the other hand, a hybrid utilizes web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It would not be wrong to say that a hybrid app is accepting the web store, as well as making it work for a mobile app. The hybrid method allows organizations to tap into the voluntarily accessible talent pool.

It may look like that a hybrid app is just a native application in disguise. However, the fact is it is quite cost-effective to build a hybrid app as compared to building a native mobile application. In case, your business needs an app for targeting multiple platforms, utilizing a native way would take a huge amount of time. This is because it demands different codebases and maintenance, which is necessary every time there was any new functionality or update added. As a result, it increases the cost and requires a huge amount of time.

Hybrid applications allow app developers to leverage a distinct codebase. They can utilize HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with only one codebase, in order to develop the applications. Consider these 5 key advantages of hybrid apps:

1. Reduced Development Costs

Developing a hybrid app is comparatively cost-effective and gets the job done earlier than native or web app. In this violently competitive digital world, cost efficiency plays an essential role in assisting companies to build and introduce their product in no time. By using different development frameworks like PhoneGap and Xamarin and a set of libraries, hybrid developers can speed up the entire process of development. They can even list the app in several app stores to save both cost and time.

2. Enhanced UI/UX

A steady UX in different mobile platforms is the main cause behind the popularity of hybrid apps. You must agree with me when I say that we all want the app to be immediately responsive to multiple gadgets and deliver a smooth experience. Hybrid apps transfer data in a faster way and regulate the configuration of different devices screen right away. Moreover, it solves the problems of the irregular data streaming abilities.

3. Easy to Integrate

Similar to native applications, hybrid applications power the internal programming system of the device via an overlay that assists to enable flawless synchronization with different compatible applications. It lessens the integration problem for Android and iOS app developers. This is why hybrid apps are accessible with native apps like messaging, camera, GPS, etc. to guarantee a seamless user experience.

4. Provide Offline Support

Another benefit of hybrid apps is to save offline data, which is useful, in order to load the app rapidly. Users can access the information at the time of zero or poor network connectivity. Because a huge amount of users wish to access the data in offline mode and hybrid apps allow them to do so without any trouble.

5. Possible to Maintain Easily

 Dissimilar to a web app, a hybrid mobile app is developed to use all the features that are available in your device. Although native applications use different device features, preserving it is pretty a challenge for the users, as well as developers. A hybrid application makes app maintenance as easy as updating a web page within the real time.

The Bottom Line

Hope the above-mentioned have cleared all your doubts. If you are thinking to build a hybrid app, contacting Fluper, a leading app development company, is what you need. Introduced in the year 2013, it has already delivered 250+ projects. For more information, visit their official website.

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