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Spotify best Music Play app: Why?

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Spotify app was among the initial legal streaming service accessible to confront the prohibited file share services, such as BearShare, pirate bay, Napster, etc. But, apart from this, there are multiple things that make the app unique. What are they? Let’s explore more in this write-up.


Everybody loves listening to music and this is why the demand for music app development companies is growing by leaps and bounds. But the question is why only apps? This is because you can get complimentary and frictionless access to music wherever and whenever you wish to listen to it.

Within the last few years, there have been lots of reports that have been conducted. Statista revealed that streaming services are one of the profitable digital music formats in the United States.

If I talk about the tech giants, then they are fighting for a specific position in the $25.3 billion/ year industry with hundreds of small businesses finding their own niche. On the battleground of music, streaming authority are Apple Music, Pandora, SoundCloud, Google Play Music, Deezer, Amazon Prime Music, Tidal and many others.

The fight to triumph your ears totally depends upon you. As mentioned above, music streaming has become an extremely competitive business; however, Spotify jumped to an initial lead and has kept hold of its place at the layer ever since.

Talking about the tough competition, then it includes Pandora, Tidal, and Apple Music.

Pandora depends on typically a service, which is advertising-supported where its authoritative algorithm plays songs alike to a chosen genre, artist, or song.

Tidal provides a subscription-based platform, which houses a big music library, as well as claims to disburse artists, superior to another service. The app even pioneered the selected release, when an album is introduced exclusively on the podium for an inadequate time period prior to extensively release.

Apple Music has an identical platform to Tidal; however has a slide of the mixes of radio via high-profile musicians, as well as DJ’s. Moreover, Apple is by now the primary podcast stage and houses basically each podcast out there.

So, now the question is what makes Spotify unique from the rest?

There is an attractive business form with the listening services that are free for those who are fine with the commercials. You can get utilized to the app; along with its services and handle your libraries that you will have used at the time you change your account into a ‘professional ‘one.

Spotify is partially possessed by the huge record labels, guaranteeing sustainable agreements, along with the record organizations and a smaller amount of risk that they will begin competing services.

Amazing Functionality of Spotify



Spotify provides everything, which is offered by its competitors. The key element having millions of songs of the library and an enormous quantity of playlists is produced by users, as well as Spotify’s editorial team.

Not only this, users can use the podcasts, Pandora-like radio stations, and video content. Fundamentally, Spotify has twisted itself into a one-stop destination for all the requirements of streaming music.

Detection via Data

If you are also thinking to build a music app, hiring the best app developers’ team is not enough. You need to consider all these factors.

One of the key ones is this functionality of Spotify. It has really alienated themselves by leveraging data, in order to personalize the experience of discovering and listening to the music.

From is data sifting technology and ML, the app examines your listening habits. It then creates customized suggestions including, playlists and music recommendations on the basis of you the artists and genres you’re enjoying on a regular basis.

This is the most demonstrated but with the hugely famous Discover Weekly playlist. The playlist is invigorated each Monday by 30 novel songs you have most probably never heard of; however, will perhaps love due to they are selected based on your current listening habits.

In case, you are looking for a more extroverted offering, there is a complete Discover tab, which is a collective slide of artists, you’d perhaps like based on your admired listening selections. This data is also utilized to offer you monthly, as well as yearly reports that depend upon your listening list in the time frame.

This is not a big selling point; however, a small extra value never hurts!


You all must be agreed that an important part of the Spotify is user experience. While it is huge to sift throughout all these playlists and build your own, Spotify has allocation capabilities that create playlists social too.

If you build a playlist, it is possible for you to invite friends to be the creators, which allows everyone to incorporated insert songs into the playlist.

The Bottom Line

Spotify has a variety of features and abilities to proffer its users to be the user experience continually fresh and fascinating. Its expansiveness, shareability, and advanced technology are gigantic factors behind its 100 million monthly users.

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