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The modern age has witnessed a wave of digitalization where more people want to go cashless. E-payments have made it possible for easy transactions to be carried out. One does not need to bother about the cumbersome process of collecting change or having to carry loads of cash everywhere. This is where Mobile wallet Apps come into the picture. UAE has seen as a forthcoming destination of mobile wallet application development revolution.

There are various mobile wallet tools that have a variety of dedicated features added to the ease of transactions that one can carry out. Some of these apps allow people to shop from various sources and make purchases like buying movie tickets or making meal purchases.

This is an interesting concept as one can have a double benefit from the same source, whether it is the developers or users.

There are several things that one can consider in the process of wallet app development.

These tips can be important to increase the functionality of these apps. They can further make sure that the development of these apps can be of the most profitable nature.

• The use of Mobile wallet Applicationshas become massively popular. This creates a lot of competition in the market for the purpose for which these apps exist.

It is less likely for someone to choose your application over the others just for simple transactions. Therefore, it becomes very necessary to have a unique concept that can be the selling point for the application.

One can think of several creative ways to do this. They key is to understand the demands of the users, whether it be an integration of food services or music lists, anything that resonates with the users is likely to sell.

• The second important factor is to have an easy to use interface. People will only enjoy using the application if they do not have to invest too much energy and effort in trying to use it.

An attractive interface is key for people to invest their attention in the same. This is something Mobile App Development companies need to keep in mind while trying to develop an able e-wallet app.

• A very important factor to consider for wallet application development is to ensure an unbreakable security system. Since this is an interface that people must trust to carry out transactions with, security and safety are really important.

With the increase in the number of wallet applications in the market, we have witnessed a lot of fraud applications with malicious intentions. In such a scenario, it becomes very important to ensure that no third party infiltrations are made possible.


Features of eWallet App

Mobile Wallet App can include a wide range of useful features that can be accessible for a complete experience for the users.

• Payments and billing

A very significant feature for wallet app can be to enable billings and payments effectively. Other than just being able to carry out transactions it can be a great idea if a method for invoice generation is incorporated to be able to pay daily bills from the comfort of your home.

This can be useful in various ways. One can think of various ways of being able to carry out payments while shopping at different stores.

This can include shopping for clothes as well as grocery shopping. One can also think of an application idea that is meant for more commercial use.

A business setup can make use of such an application to be able to pay their employees as well as receive due payments from clients. The idea is to provide users with an easy and effective way to carry out payments and billings.

• Bank Account linking and recognition

It is very important for a Mobile Wallet App to enable linkage to the bank accounts. This is important because the users need to be able to recharge their e-wallet accounts effectively without having to bother about making any cash payment to do.

In fact, wallet accounts should aim at completely avoiding the use of any cash registry to avoid any security complications at a later stage. There can be several ways for linking and recognizing the e-wallet accounts with each other.

This can be an interesting feature for carrying out easy transactions within the app users. QR code scanning is one such method that can be utilized to speed up the process of process of the transaction.

• Discount offers and codes

The process of shopping is made a lot easier through the means of Mobile App Development in the form of e-wallets. This ensures that a lot of the targeted traffic for these purchases can be found at this platform.

A lot of brands and companies like to collaborate with wallet apps to offer special discounts and codes to the app users. This can be of benefit to the companies with an increased customer base as well as to the app to be able to provide products at a lesser cost and hence attract a number of downloads.

Cost of eWallet App Development

The cost of wallet app development varies from $60-$150 hourly at an average. This greatly depends on the number of features one wants to integrate into the application.

It also depends on the skills of the Mobile wallet App developers and can be determined depending on the requirements of the application.

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