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Itemizing Top 7 Examples of Location-Based Services Apps

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Bringing Lines of Business (LOB) value by being customer-centric, end-users are receptive to Location-based services (LBS)!

With location-based services going indoors, quite a lot of businesses have started making use of location data to provide insight, improve their operations and improve their services in new domains.With location-based services going indoors, quite a lot of businesses have started making use of location data to provide insight, improve their operations and improve their services in new domains. 


Number of location-based service users in the USA between 2013-2018

Exploring the Importance of Location Based Services in Retail Businesses

  • Location-based services are used in driving and finding directions
  • These are useful in finding the closest store, restaurant, movie theatre, café, school, hospital or any utility services. 
  • Users usually check the price of the items online before making in-store purchases.
  • Location-based services can be used to check weather updates

Reasons Why Location-Based Services Are Important

Whether it is required to track someone's movement, to get to a destination with the shortest route and within time, to know the current location, LBS can be helpful in sharing and tracking more data than anyone can be aware of.

  • LBS features in smartphones help reach across to people at any time and at any place. Such applications work across platforms and are an application to every mobile handset user.
  • LBS helps in letting users know check-in, departure and check-out timings – which often become crucial at the time of business meetings.
  • This service helps social media applications like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to find nearby friends or allows to connect on chat when someone from the friend list is at a nearby location. As ambient networks allow users to interact with each other based on proximity, temporary chat rooms and networks can be created to give greater possibilities for people to connect with each other. 
  • LBS makes it easier for people to know the availability of their contacts. 
  • It helps people to inform their friends and family about their whereabouts and solicit their opinions as and when required.

Use Cases of Location Based Services (LBS)

Navigation, search and advertising, a restaurant finder and food delivery, ride-hailing services, games and augmented reality, Infotainment and Tracking are some of the industries that extensively make use of location-based services. An increasing percentage of people have been making use of  - for finding restaurants (26%), finding nearby friends (22%), checking public transportation (19%), and receiving discount deals from retailers (13%). 

(According to research by Kantar TNS Make an Inquiry about this news)

An IDC custom research survey sponsored by Cisco emphasized that LBS uses custom location data to offer personalized information and services to customers. LBS gives an opportunity to the businesses to get closer to the customers, create more captivating customer experience on-site, increase customer satisfaction and create loyalty.

  • Navigation/mapping applicabilities/on-demand services for customers and end-users
  • Pushing location-based offers or promotions to customers 
  • Pushing location-based communication to customers
  • End-user tracking and analysis applications
  • Automotive
  • Travel
  • Fitness
  • Social Media and Dating
  • Games
  • IoT
  • Tourism and Navigation
  • Task Automation
  • Hospitality
  • Indoor Navigation
  • Weather and location-specific alerts

7 Important Examples of Location Based Services Apps 

  1. Foursquare (Free: Android/iOS)
  2. Dark Sky (Free for Android; #3.99 for iOS)
  3. Pokemon Go (Free: Android/iOS)
  4. Curbside (Free: Android/iOS)
  5. Target (Free: Android/iOS)
  6. Gas Buddy (Free: Android/iOS)
  7. Uber (Free: Android/iOS)

Is Privacy a Concern with LBS?

LBS can work both online as well as offline. It comes as a security concern to many users – who make use of devices in a connected environment (IoT) or who share common email id's.

This synchronization of devices via Google Photos and emails etc. gives a real-time worry to connected users who wish to secure their privacy in certain situations. 

Mobile teams create mobile apps Make an Inquiry about this news with LBS facilitating reaching beyond check-in and out, well past what Google Maps imagined at the time of its inception, guiding you all throughout your destination. Location-based advertisements, usage of cookies, geofencing, in-store mapping and much more will alleviate users to relish their existence.

LBS will ensure that the right content reaches the right person at right time. Users: Businesses, retailers, restaurants and delivery partners, service providers, cab-hailing services etc.

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