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How is technology changing the role of android application?

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How is technology changing the role of android application?

Today sum of Smartphone segment, 97% constitute Android mobiles. This is one of the prime reasons why the number of android application development companies is rising day by day.

Connecting people is no more the prime objective of mobile phones nowadays. In today’s market, the Smartphone is even taking place of computer and laptop in today’s market.

People now depend on a smartphone to complete day to day activities like paying bills, ordering products online, data transfers, sending money to relatives, etc.

In the Smartphone segment, mobile applications are becoming indispensable.

As in the computer or laptop, you need to log in through the browser but in today’s Smartphone you can download an application and can work faster and smoother which have made this whole lot simple.

As we think the role of the developer is easy, but it’s not easy at all as it appears. After the transformation in the field of mobile app development services, developing android applications are becoming easier day by day as compared to the past.

But there are some of the disadvantages that have to be tackled. As the technology is changing day by day the role of Android applications is also developing in the country.

Incessant growth of market


Today Android phone has a reasonable price and is easily available. As the users of Android handset are increasing day by day, so are the number of app over playstore.

Expanding its reach from just hand held device to the home appliances and other machines android even helps in integrating smartphones to access by the car on the car dashboard display.

Application development is affected by Technology Trends:


  1. Applications are now the empirical move makers in the key marketing strategies. Nowadays many businesses see the mobile application as one of the key market strategies for mobile. This adds importance to mobile apps. The business that has the full believes and potentials of Android apps can see a notable increase in the revenue. This even increases the demand for Android applications development companies
  1. The important role of MEAP: Mobile enterprise application platform is the full form of MEAP. This plays a major help to efficiently manage the cross-platform application. This even helps in efficiently deploy the mobile application and even helps application developers efficiently build a mobile application. This even helps developer develop apps which can be consistent across various devices including tablets, smartphones, and other devices.
  1. The game can get changed by the use of android instant apps: In comparison to the computer browser,mobile applications are better because they are safe and smooth, offers a better experience. As compared to the application mobile websites are better as you don’t have to give much time in the installation process. Android instant can prove the benefits of both the web app and the native app. This will help users to use the application easily. This helps in reducing the API size so that the download is faster than before and can bring a few other minor changes which are required for the development.
  1. Coming with new technology: In the coming year, there is a great collaboration between mobile app development services and artificial intelligence. To make applications utilized this technology better you need to make your application updated. This application can be useful in the upcoming future especially with wearable.
  1. The developer has firebase for high-quality applications: With a lot of updates and flexibility offered this firebase is one of the answers for top Android app developers which required for developing high-quality applications to work on many platforms without any problem. App analytics also comes in firebase. As you may know Google messaging also has now firebase cloud messaging.
  1. Google is having fabric which comes with analytic needs of efficiency. For crash reporting, application analytics and more the app developer has combined Twitter with Google. Fabric finds it uses for Android application Development Company as the analytics will be easier.
  1. There are Android thungs for IoT: Google launched an OS named s Google Brillo with the help of the Android core. It is a little different in the aspect of development. It is having a makeover and also came as android things. This toolkit is basically based on Java development and is having the capability of aiding in the development of apps for IoT devices.

The current scenario and android application development company

As the growing technology is coming with many changes in the mobile application development company process easier this also adds the growing expectations from the mobile application.

  • • There are many companies which are coming up on a daily basis.
  • • For mobile development, there are many providers of software solutions.
  • • New app developers are having the facility to stay up to date and it can even take up all application development courses to fine-tune their skills.
  • • App development firms and app developers with rich experience in this field are serving the competitions.

Excerpts from Top Android app developers

The stories of android are very much inspirational in this world full of technical gadgets. It came a lot way to get this right enlightens.

Android Smartphone OS market was launched in 2008 and share bow hovers around 85%. In future volumes are expected to grow at five-years CAGR of 2.4%, which also includes the shipments approaching 1.41 billion in 2022.


By knocking out competitors in the race of innovation android adoption has grown by bounds and laps.  Every year android is coming up with new tools and techniques in mobile apps development Services.

All the changes are aimed at simplifying the development process and also incorporating best practices in the design and users experience. Every year it comes with innovations, new idea, and trends signifying changes.

  • • There are continues rise in android instant apps: this application can help eliminate the unnecessary application on the device.
  • • Android application architecture will take place.

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