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Cost and features to develop Food Delivery app

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Cost and features to develop Food Delivery app

Food is the ultimate and basic need for the survival of human beings. Working over the basic functionalities, a food delivery app with swift and smooth experience, might cost around $3500 to $9500, if a good mobile development company is approached.

Food is the ultimate and basic need for the survival of human beings. Ever since the advent of flavors and different recipes that have produced foods with different tastes, everyone prefers to taste good foods with great taste.

Since everything is being done online now, the idea of delivering ready-made foods to different households was always on the cards.

Now, finally, this idea is being used in the practical world with the help of capable apps designed by mobile development company that exclusively deliver foods to the given address as provided by the ones who give the orders.

The taking of the orders can be done online, and payment can be made similarly as well. Therefore, the prospect of creating and developing food delivery apps is a profitable one.

The Features

There are many features that need to be included in restaurant delivery app solutions. Some of them are:

1.) Providing detailed information about the restaurants, which takes up orders in the online platform? Their opening and closing times, their menu, their special offers, their varieties and their prices all should be mentioned properly.

2.) Orders need to be accepted as quickly as possible without any delay. Payments should be easy to give.

The interface should be made as user-friendly as possible. Also, past order history should be displayed along with recommended orders for regular customers depending on their order patterns.

3.) Location of the restaurants from where the orders are taken to the place from where the order is being given by the customers should all be properly shown. Also, the live tracking when the delivery of the food is taking place should also be shown in maps that can be accessed by the users.

4.) There should be a lot of varieties available for the payment. A customer should be given the liberty to choose in which method they want to pay for the food, which they are ordering.

Since the order is being taken and confirmed online, most food delivery apps only allow the payment to be made online as well. However, customers may also like to pay after the delivery is being done, that is, in cash.

Including this payment, the mode is important to get hold of a lot of customers. Also, payment modes like online banking, card swipe and online wallet payments should be included.

5.) Proper confirmation of orders also needs to be notified to the customers. This can be done by providing notifications, e-mails or SMS directly to the customer.

These apps are tied up to web development services provided by the mobile development companies, which enable them to be able to send push notifications as well.

6.) Searching options for various types of food in the app should be properly customized so that customers can order and search for food by restaurants and preferences.

7.) Customers should be able to create their ID in the app by logging in and creating a profile. This can be done by directly logging in with their social media accounts.

8.) Customers should be given the option to provide ratings and reviews for the service that they are getting. This way, the app developers will know about their performance as well as know what fields they need to improve.

These are the features that the developers of food delivery apps should keep in mind.

The Cost of food ordering apps development

The cost required for the development of a food delivery app depends on the features and the services provided by it. The customers may request for certain services that were not previously provided but can benefit many customers.

It is imperative to provide popular services since then the customers will be appeased by it. Different platforms also need different types of interfaces.

When the app is to be made functional in all the available platforms, the cost automatically increases. In addition, the maintenance of the servers will need a good amount of money.

In addition, the security of the customer’s private data and to ensure secure online payment, proper payment gateway has to be developed.

The social media development is also one of the most vital parts here. The interaction with the customers online is a must, as well as providing the relevant information on the right time.

This incurs many extra costs. One way to decrease expenditure is by avoiding the use of native apps. Additionally, money will also be spent on those who are looking for restaurant delivery app solution.

They need to be hired, and the payment increases the total cost. Since the development of the app needs to be done properly, implementing upgrades and launching new versions also increase the total cost spent on the various other food ordering apps developmentservices.

Lastly, the same app can be segregated into various sections. A particular section may only be made available to the customers who pay more or order more, named as premium customer and the other section for normal customers.

This variety of apps can only be made after proper development, which requires more cost.


The market always stays behind what a user yearns for. Food delivery apps are one of the most booming business now a days.

There are few third party applications which enforces the discount over meals, providing vendors a huge market and bulk delivery. The attributes, cost and prospects revolves the restaurant delivery app development.

Working over the basic functionalities, a food delivery app with swift and smooth experience, might cost around $3500 to $9500, if a good mobile development company is approached. Cost is not higher in terms of market response.

Our personal recommendation is "Go for it".

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