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How AI Based Apps can boost your business growth?

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Artificial intelligence is changing mobile app development in significant ways. As the need for AI continues to increase, app developers with a broad understanding of automated learning will be in higher demand for their knowledge and creativity.


“Artificial Intelligence”, i.e. AI has created a huge noise across the world. Now everyone is talking about this remarkable technology and its utilities, including self-driving cars, virtual assistants, and Chatbots. Due to its recognition, it has turn out to be one of the highest searched topics on the Internet.

It is important to note that the leading tech companies utilize the major portion of AI technology.

It has increasingly become one of the hottest topics in mobile app development companies, as well as business verticals, including healthcare, finance, education, and travel. If you are into mobile app development sector, then you would surely want to know how AI can bring revolutionary change into mobile apps! If yes, then don’t miss the information I am going to tell you today.

However, before going so deep, I would like to tell that an artificial intelligence app is not just limited to digital assistants like Siri, but they serve for a variety of purposes such as security to e-commerce. Today, many entrepreneurs are focusing to build artificial intelligence app to transform the customer experience. In fact, many mobile app startups are adopting artificial intelligence as a tool to engage their users. The tech giants are integrating AI algorithms into their products appealing to their users strategically.

Major Role of AI in Mobile App Development

  • Better Analytics

Due to the constant transformation of mobile app technologies, there is a growing need to implement better solutions to apps. With the use of AI in in-app mobile data analytics solutions, mobile app developers can easily optimize in-app or on-site user experiences. This is one of the major benefits for businesses in getting higher user engagement. When applied to conversion flows such analysis could enhance market revenues too.

  • Voice AI

Voice AI is one of the amazing concepts that I personally love! Voice interfaces are enabling users to associate with apps seamlessly and spontaneously. Amazon Alexa already allows users to order pizza through the voice from Domino’s or get an Uber ride while Google plans to do the same in 2018. It is the smartest technology because your action can be initiated without having to touch the screen at all.

  • Context-Aware AI

One of the major components that mobile app developers do not avoid mobile apps advertising spends. For example, if you have an e-commerce app, and your mobile app’s ads might be showing the last product browsed or items added to cart, then it will not be useful for the customer. Make sure that you create a context of what they are browsing or when they are browsing, or even where from. Here, AI systems can be useful in understanding, interpreting and setting a context for re-targeting systems.

  • Improved App Marketing

With the ongoing advancements, Artificial Intelligence will also refine the app marketing scenario. AI-enabled machines and apps can easily track the behavioral pattern of customers in order to provide real-time, detailed demographics. This, as a result, allows you to make marketing strategies with an ultramodern approach.


New Opportunities for Artificial Intelligence App Development

In the present time, AI has been a serious influence on iOS as well as android app development. It is changing the ways developers build apps and how consumers interact with products. In fact, the new availability and advancements of AI have caused a revolutionary shift for the retail industry, app developers, and businesses to connect users closer to the brand. See what app developers can do with AI-

  • Deploy code creatively
  • Personalized experience
  • Gamification
  • Seamless search experience

If we consider the above elements, then it is clear that AI integration will be the solution for many startups and businesses to expand into new markets and provide better customer service, setting the stage for a significant return on the investment (RoI) into the development process. App development companies in India are putting a lot of efforts and more apps will come to market using artificial intelligence to enhance customer satisfaction. At present, My Starbucks Barista, Amazon Go, and the TacoBot app are among the most famous examples of intelligent apps.

In Summary

In simple words, with artificial intelligence app, it will be easy to study the users’ trend. One of the biggest benefits of having AI feature in a mobile app is that it gives brands access to the user location of device usage data, the moment when they are active, type of app they use platforms they visit most, etc. This will be helpful for developers to create apps that can connect directly with customer likes. So if you are all set to experiment with AI, hire the best app developers in India like Fluper and get ready to boost your business growth.

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