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Why it’s high time to have an app?

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As technology is moving forward at lightning speed, people are getting more captivated to tablets, mobile phones, & other smart devices. The implication of apps in business has mounted the ladder to the peak quickly in past few years. Let’s find out how apps are overtaking the market.


Now the revolution has come in technology and mobile apps are the next big thing in the market. With the mounting number of users of internet people have started mobile more than before, for your every need you now rely on mobile. In fact, without mobile apps, your mobile is just a piece of electronics. The higher demand of app development agencies is the best prove of it.

From shopping to internet banking everything is on mobile now, it impacts you in a very positive way. You get apps which can deliver foods and grocery at your doorstep if you are busy with your work schedule. This makes your life easy as you do not need to take leave for your grocery, just by using an app you can get the world at your doorstep.

Markets are competitive because every merchant wants to sell their product online by using the potential of the internet and mobile apps. These apps get you to your favorite…opping-app store anytime. The government has also taken initiative to make India digital and developed so many Mobile Apps which are useful and time saving for the customers. Everyone is trying to get on a Mobile platform. So, they are can impact your life in a better way by saving your time and energy. It is making a huge impact on our life by saving time and making people aware of technology.

What Kind of Apps are in Trends?

The major apps which are trending are – Food delivery services, Online Shopping, Hotels Booking, Flights Booking, and Online Medicines. If I talk about the key focus, then it has been shifted to on-demand apps which are more customers orientated and can fulfill the daily needs while people are busy working.

  • Food Delivery Apps

Another category of apps that are getting popular day-by-day is food delivery. For all of them, who tend to shift from one city to another in the search of job, these apps prove to be a boon. Food delivery apps are one of the greatest solutions for people who do not want to cook or working at odd hours.

  • Online Shopping Apps

Now, the consumer has got more choices than earlier. I remember when I used to visit with my mom for shopping; we had a fixed shop from where we used to buy our clothes. We did not use to get more options to choose from. Now, just downloading a mobile app gives you so many options to select from and you get in touch with trendy fashion.

“The users of online shopping are around 50 million until now, which are supposed to be increased to 350 Million by 2030”


What is App Monetization?

App monetization is quite in trend nowadays. Several Android or iOS app development companies have started implementing this technique in order to grow exponentially. The world is full of talent and everyone has got their unique talent. However; things were not the same in past, people used to hard work a lot to showcase their talent. Now we have got Mobile Apps like- Youtube, Instagram, Facebook. They have the ability to make things easy for you. You not only can showcase your talent but even go for monetization.

There is a saying in the present world- YOU GOT TALENT; YOU NEED a NEED MOBILE APP.

Having said that, app monetization is a way of making money with the help of a mobile application devoid of charging for it. Most of us often balk at spending on apps due to the availability of multiple apps absolutely free. Despite that fact, though, as per a famous magazine, The Verge, free applications are the source of 98% of Google Play revenue.

What Is The Future Of Mobile Apps?

Things are very clear now mobiles have replaced laptops. The future is bright as with the introduction of some innovative technologies, such as Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, Inclination towards Cloud-based products, etc., mobile apps are going to achieve something new in the market. The app developers of mobile apps are required to work hard in the future to develop technology which will capture the future markets.


Technology gives us a positive boost every time it comes with new apps; I believe this is the era of mobile technology which is not going to end soon. Now, all who were thinking that everything is present on the web-based platform and there is no need for apps can clearly decipher the importance of these applications for their business growth. If you are looking for a reliable app development company, then Fluper is here to help you out.

From building a perfect app to its complete marketing, everything is possible with this organization. In order to get in touch with the team, go to their official website.

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