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5 reasons to choose Ionic Framework for mobile application development

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So if you are looking to hire Ionic framework developers, who are adept and experienced, you’re at a right place.

Did you know that the Ionic framework is the only Hybrid platform that has given a tough competition to the native applications in 2019?

The reason being it has gone through a major evolution since the day it has been launched. It is basically an open-source library that consists of mobile-optimized components in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

The Ionic-framework comes with unique and native-styled mobile UI elements and layouts using which developers can easily build robust, advanced, and optimized apps that are compatible with both the operating system: iOS and Android.

To know more about how ionic-framework is better than others and why you should choose it to develop a mobile application, read on.

1. Open Source Framework

Usually, developers do not prefer using an open source framework as they find it unstable. However, the case is entirely different when it comes to using ionic.

It is faster, stable, reliable, convenient and simulates a native feel. Though developing an application is daunting as well as expensive as it includes a lot of research, marketing, and coding, with ionic it not just becomes easier but also cost-effective.

2. Ionic Uses Angular

Angular is an extremely popular framework used to develop high-performing mobile as well as web apps. The ionic framework uses AngularJS to provide application structure with the help of its unique components of app and data binding.

It is best to hire ionic framework app developers who know how to make use of Angular to develop highly-customizable web and mobile apps.

3. Cordova Plugins with a Short Code

What are plugins?

Plugins are a small piece of code, written in Javascript format, to enable the application to perform various tasks similar to a native app.

Ionic uses Cordova plugin to give the application access to different features of the operating system such as camera, battery, pro-location, and access to logs. Using these simple codes known as plugins, the ionic framework can easily enhance the performance of your app.

4. Attractive User Interface

Hybrid apps were often criticized when it comes to building an attractive user interface, however, Ionic has changed this. With the support of CSS and Javascript, developers can beautify the application as per their requirement be it menu, color scheme or buttons.

The UI elements of the framework allow developers to publish apps with vibrant multiple languages such as Arabic, Urdu, and Hebrew.

5. Easy App Testing

The ionic framework makes the app testing much easier and simpler. Whether your application is designed for iOS or Android, you can test your application using a desktop browser or a simulator using Cordova commands.

Ionic also enables app testing using a mobile browser or safari in iOS devices. Remote debugging is now possible which is not just convenient but also useful when you are developing a program for a device that cannot host the development platform.

Summing Up

The ionic framework was created keeping in mind the disconnect between AngularJS and Hybrid apps. It consists of everything be it the richness of AngularJS or small codes of Cordova library, required to develop a highly-interactive hybrid app.

If you are planning to build a mobile or web app, it is advisable to hire ionic framework developers as they have rich experience in handling the challenges and knowledge of the framework.

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