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How to Optimize Mobile Apps to Reach Billions?

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While a lot of organizations have been building apps for years, ensuring those applications are optimized in a way that will get better performance is yet a task of difficulty. Here we look at 3 key considerations to optimize your mobile app.

Despite the extremely high demand for mobile phones, only a few mobile applications truly catch the attention of users. iOS or Android app developers always try to incorporate some innovative features to make their app standout. However, the millennial generation is eminent for getting the perfect outcomes right away. It would not be wrong to say that there is no place on the market for standard products made by with the integration of average technologies.

It might seem counterintuitive, however; optimizing applications and preventing performance bottlenecks is a challenge for many, in spite of the fact that delivering mobile applications over the web is turned out to be the norm. Certainly, the accessibility of dependable, fast internet connections has enhanced, at least for immobile gadgets, but the network consistency for mobile gadgets is still spotty and random.

This means developers face a complete novel array of issues. They all are tasked with building an end-user familiarity on mobile, which matches the reliability and speed of a PC, with a division of the resources, along with an entire string of fresh factors, which can impact performance. These challenges include render times, cross-app interactions, network efficiency, and frames/ second for video.

3 Factors to Optimize an App Perfectly

  • Keep Global Audiences in Mind

You may be developing your application with a precise technology and for a particular audience, but always consider the fact that it is going to be globally visible, as well as users in a variety of markets that can download it. Reviews from those users, including app functionality and performance, can easily affect your reputation and ranking that in turn can affect the download of the applications, as well as user engagement metrics.

Therefore, keep in mind that it takes some time for the latest technology expansions to make their space around the globe. Always ensure that users with older gadgets or on slower or untrustworthy networks can take the complete benefit of your application.

Are you thinking that you need to decrease your mobile app’s functionality to meet performance objectives? Then, you are wrong! The most victorious applications are cautiously designed to offer essential, rich, and unique features to all users.

  • Test in the Actual World

While functioning with your app development partner for building grand features, ensure that you have the time, in order to test your mobile app under practical conditions.

First, get the mobile app on the lowest-end gadgets your end audience may have. Then make use of your application as a user would. Keep thorough notes on the smallest setback or stutter. Make sure that you keep the application accessible for a while since numerous apps behave in a sluggish manner over time.

Go to some public spaces, in order to test the application on a range of networks. Ask other users to try out your mobile app and offer you with feedback on usability and performance. You could also place a mini-usability lab, and proffer testers a prize for their review, such as a t-shirt or cup of coffee.

  • Be Prepared to Make Trade-Offs

You must be aware of the biggest sign of the success of an app. It is interesting when nobody perceives how good the application is performing. It’s akin to driving on a well-paved path. When the way is smooth, you hardly realize it’s there. But, once the road turns into bumpy and filled with potholes, you begin to observe it. At that point, it does not matter how good the path has been so far or how grand your car is, you won’t like the ride.

In the same way, the app performance is about the substance we don’t consider much until it goes mistaken. People will recognize and they won’t be pleased if the mobile app won’t load, doesn’t give the information they want, runs gradually, or drains the battery of their device too fast.

In order to assist “smooth the road” in your mobile app, you are required to develop it cautiously, and you might need to think about trade-offs. For instance, is an application that takes up a place with offline features that demands less space depends on connectivity? Is fresh interface merit it, in case the application runs slower on gadgets with not much memory? Or can you get it both manners by building a “lite” edition of your application for slower networks or lower-end devices?


We’re living in an era where people are quite dependent on apps, software, and tools. However, with tons of applications and utilities available to download, the competition is becoming steeper. These three main considerations will help you to make your own position in the market. If you are thinking to have your own mobile app, then Fluper is here to help you out. From iOS to AR app development, they have their core expertise in all. 

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