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Always Regularly updating your mobile app is an excellent way to keep your current users and attract new users.

Development of mobile apps has been continually evolving as a result of its predominance in the IT sector. However, not every launched mobile app that will be successful – statistics show that over 20% of mobile apps fail after 12 months of their launch.

Also, over 50% of mobile apps on Google play see a decline after the first launch week. This shows that there are a lot of steps that these mobile app developers aren't taking correctly in the preparation, advancement, unveiling and maintenance stages of app development.


When an app fails despite the time, money and effort in the development of the app, the entire development team is responsible. There are different factors that determine the success of any app and any hired web and mobile developer needs to take note of them while building their apps to avoid failure.

A minor bug, User interface error, or code error can lead to the failure of an app and cost the top app developers in the USA heavily.

In this article, we’ll discuss the points that a web and mobile developer should take note of to avoid mobile application failure. These points will not make your app immune to failure, but it will help developers build their apps intelligently.

Let's get right to the tips.

Quality Assurance

Encountering bugs are a common occurrence after the development and launching of an app in the app store. A vital part of the life cycle of mobile app development is quality assurance as this process will ensure that the app is ready to be launched to the public.

There are different tools available which are used for testing efficient flow and running of the app. When clients hire dedicated developers to build their apps, this tool will be useful when delivering the app credentials to the business owner or on the app store.

When top app developers in the USA are building a large scale app, it’s essential to develop a testbed where all the results concerning the app will be magnified. App updates and migration will be successful as a result of this.

When the hired web and mobile developer performs all the necessary steps needed to ensure the quality of the app is top-notch, then the risk of app failure is reduced.

Problem Solving

The success of an app depends mostly on the purpose of the app. If the mobile app isn't solving any real problems, the probability that it will fail is very high.

Top app developers USA understand the importance of developing apps that are needed by the market. Conducting a customer survey is an excellent way to understand what the market needs – this way, app developers can know the reaction of the public to their app before development.

Some developers go as far as building app prototypes so they can view how prospective users will react to it. Businesses that hire dedicated developers to develop their mobile apps need to ensure the market survey and business goals are aligned as this is a sure way to know if your app will be successful or not.

Appropriate Planning

It’s vital to make a map when you are planning to develop a mobile app. Businesses that hire dedicated developers have to prepare their milestones according to the existing and new apps in the market.

There are a lot of mobile app development companies in the market with apps that perform the same function with similar features.

It’s essential that you research apps that are similar to yours to avoid developing an app that will be redundant in the app store.  Ensure that the mobile app you are creating has more innovations than the ones already available to increase your app’s level of success.

When developers plan appropriately, they can avoid making mistakes that will cause their app to fail.

Simple Development

Some mobile app developers go as far as building apps that solve too many issues, and this is one of the leading reasons why most apps fail. If your app does too much and it can’t perform its essential functions, the user will most likely stop using the app after the first few tries.

Sometimes it’s better to develop a mobile app with just one priority so that you can expand it very well to increase the probability of its success.

Optimize Your Mobile Application

Another leading reason why most apps fail is because of their poor app loading time. When clients have to wait for too long for an app to load, the probability of them continuously using that app reduces as they will surely be on the lookout for alternative apps that perform the same function.

It’s essential for top app developers in the USA to ensure that their apps are adequately optimized to increase their success rate.

Use Customer Feedback

One good way to ensure the success of your app is to implement the feedback received from users to make the app better. User feedback is good to find out the areas where your app is lacking so you can improve on it.

If you fail to analyze the input from users, your app will most likely be a failure. There will always be spammy messages from users, so you have to learn to make use of the useful messages to improve your app.

Regular Updates

Regularly updating your mobile app is an excellent way to keep your current users and attract new users. There is always going to be another mobile app performing the same function like yours, the best way to stay ahead of the competition in the market is to regularly update and add add-ons to your app at the right intervals.

To prevent your app from being overlooked, it’s essential that your app versions get more endorsements on the app store.

To Wrap It Up

Due to a large number of mobile app failures in the mobile market, it’s vital that app developers take note of these tips to ensure the success of their apps.

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