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Top Social Media applications for Marketers in 2019

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Since the social media landscape has started to change at a quick speed, it’s imperative to stay updated with the most recent trends each year to make certain that your tactic is still successful. Let us explore some top social media apps that will help marketers to promote their business globally.


The Internet has transformed the way people communicate with each other, along with the work culture. Inevitably, those modifications first arose on social media websites. This is the key reason why social networks for applications are quite crucial. Social media assists people to set up better associations among their loved ones, and nowadays the networking websites also illustrate their importance for apps.

Lots of entrepreneurs are searching for a partner to build their social media applications because they are aware of the fact that people use a lot of their time in online browsing of social sites. Here, mobile phones are acquiring more and more place among people as compared to another manner of internet access. This is due to prices and plans have turned into progressively more reasonable and accessible.

What and Why Social Media?

Marketing is the activity and procedure for generating, interacting and delivering offerings with the potential to give value to the customers. Today, the objective of social media promotion is to construct a brand, as well as improve a brand’s visibility with the help of building relationships and interacting with potential customers. The two appear to go hand-in-hand. However, you might still be wondering, why social media? 

‘‘Social networks are the fastest mounting industries in the world’’.

This declaration does look to be unnerved around pretty repeatedly with anything internet marketing linked these days. Though with an anticipated 25.0% yearly growth within the next five years, it is absolutely time to begin investing in social media, in case, you haven’t already.

4 Most Crucial Social Media Apps

  • YouTube

Available in Both Android and iOS 

Though it’s had a number of competitors, YouTube remains the most prevalent and popular video-sharing stage in the world with over 1.8B monthly active users. It is a great platform for sharing videos, as well as music with live streaming content throughout the web. It’s a one-stop solution for all of your video requirements. This clearly shows that YouTube is a great platform when it comes to the promotion of your business. Whether you are running an Android app development company or a manufacturing firm, YouTube is here to promote your business.

  • Facebook

Available in Both Android and iOS 

It is the biggest social media platform that lets users connect with family, friends, and acquaintances around the globe. With over 2B active monthly users, it is going to add many more users. In case, your business is concerned in using Facebook as a marketing platform, then it is without any doubt one of the best decisions. 

  • Twitter

Available in Both Android and iOS 

Twitter is another social platform, which allows brands, as well as users, to converse via short messages. These messages are even known as “tweets.” Although the messages are restricted to 280 or fewer characters, they can be influential ways, in order to market your business. And with over 336 million monthly active users, it is possible to find a market niche for your business in the social media podium. Opting for Twitter can actually help your business worldwide.

  • Instagram

Available in Both Android and iOS 

After being brought by Facebook for a huge amount i.e. $1 billion in the year of 2012, Instagram has grown-up to a billion active users per month. As you know that the social media platforms permit users to share photos, videos, and even hosts live streaming abilities. The application is also affluent in utilities for marketers, in order to advertise, as well as promote their brands. Moreover, Instagram is getting popular gradually even among big brands.

Social Media Marketing Approach

If you are going for app development for the first time or launching any other project, you need to have a social media presence. However, a social media occurrence devoid of a suitable plan and strategy can be now as destructive for your commerce as no strategy at all.  I have formed a social media marketing plan checklist that is supposed to aid your online marketing functions.

  • Set Goals: Always begin with a big task, which is selecting a perfect goal or objective for your business.
  • Know your Target Audience: Don’t just make use of demographics but expand with psychographics.
  • Social Media: Decide which digital media will assist you to link with your audience, including a blog, video, podcast, etc.
  • Social Network Strategy: Keep an eye on a social network that adds value. Simply due to a network has more than hundred million active users does not signify that it will straightforwardly add to the objective of your brand.
  • Measurement and Testing: What does victory indicate to you? You are required to continually analyze your social media plan for the understanding of how efficient it is. Connect to your audience; figure out what works, as well as what doesn’t.

Final Thoughts

Hope, all the above-mentioned points will help you to plan an ideal social media strategy. Want to build your own social media app? Fluper is a one-stop solution for you as it helps you in building a bug-free app at an affordable price.

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