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Why Business Analysis is vital in app development companies?

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Building technical resolutions to business issues, or to boosts an organization’s sales efforts, starts with defining, examining and documenting requirements. Managing necessities at the project level can assist in fulfilling business results.


Business Analysis practice is becoming extensive and a key process across the IT industry be it app development company or any other organization. As the name implies, this process involves an analysis of business situations. By this, it is easier to take out solutions for certain problems through who, what, where, when, why & how. Therefore, a successful and effective Business Analysis is the key approach in ensuring that the projects are being implemented and run successfully.

Apart from that, an effective business analysis involves -

  • Takes information from a variety of sources
  • Forecasts future trends
  • Searching methods to build enhancements in business tactics
  • Making smart business decisions
  • The purpose behind Business Analysis
  • Identify where the business stands
  • Collect and utilize data to inform business decision making
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in the business
  • Use information to update strategic planning

With this necessity of business analysis, diverse groups of business analysts have formalized and continuously improve the business process. With the aim to make the entire process simple and better for our valuable clients, they are using the best possible tactics.

  • Understand the Business Problem

Understanding of client’s business before jumping into requirement elicitation is extremely important to define client requirements from a business standpoint. But, what makes it different when it is for digital projects (websites, apps, etc.)? For a website and mobile app development process, the analysts require a clear mapping to the strategic objectives. Most of the times, the digital projects are trying to either assist in revenue generation, cost optimization or enhancing the brand of the organization. Therefore, having an effective strategy is necessary for the digital project.

  • Document the Business Issues

A client may have just a unique idea of a product, which is well documented in Business Requirement At Fluper, analysts put a lot of efforts finding the issues and resolving it. The purpose, benefits and key objectives of the project truly help in driving the documentation and the extent of documentation required for the project. Therefore, the primary steps always are on documenting the requirements. Once these are documented well, wireframing takes place.

  • Technical Alignment to Assist Solution Development

This process requires communication between the business analyst and the development team. At Fluper, we truly appreciate the interaction between the members. Without this coordination, it becomes extremely difficult to keep going with the delivery. Here, a daily stand up helps in order to understand any questions or issues that the developers may have and in order to address any concerns to clarify the requirements further.

  • Solution Implementation and Business Uptake

App developers put their best in developing an app. Therefore, it is necessary to perform each action cautiously. business analysts should focus on the solution and the process on how to implement it asap. Here, an analyst needs to be aware of the concepts of information architecture, usability, search engine optimization, content optimization, and so on. This increases the scope of analysis and the ability of a business analyst to ensure the right solution is delivered. Whether IT or non-IT, in the fast-moving times of highly competitive challenges, the business analyst must be aware of a wireframe.

Wireframing Process

  • Wireframing for Business Analysts

Wireframing is a vital constituent of the business analysis processes. As mentioned, it is a tool for creating a quick representation of a user interface on a computer system, website or app. For an app development like Fluper, wireframing is a key aspect. The goal of wireframe design is to establish a schematic for how information will be presented and prioritized to the website visitor.

The business analyst (BA) primarily builds the wireframe early in the requirements and development process. It usually happens before an actual solution is available at hand to the customer.

End Result of the Wireframe Process

When the wireframing process is complete, the aesthetic designs can be applied to the client to ensure that the site is also appealing to the eye. The resulting wireframes clearly summarize what needs to be developed, ensuring that the final site will satisfy the client’s requirements.

Final Thoughts

I hope, from all the above-mentioned points, you must have now realized the significance of business analysis. If you are looking for a core partner for the same, then Fluper is here to help you out! From building a cross-platform app to bridging the gab between business and technology, the company has it all.

Core Vaules:

  • Represent client perspective and taking best interest throughout the project
  • Provide software engineering and technical perspective to the client in a simplified fashion
  • Facilitate fair negotiation of project scope
  • Take care of versatility and promote innovation to add values to the business
  • A collective and collaborative contribution which ensures well-being and success

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