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Cost and features to develop a taxi app

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Nowadays with the advanced technology, people no longer depend on the real life to do anything. Starting from shopping, to diet advice, yoga all are done through mobile applications.

The new trend is the taxi app, which helps to get cabs anytime anywhere and you can reach your destination hackle free and safe. There are many existing taxi apps; however, it is necessary to consider various factors when it comes to the opening of such startups.

The taxi app requires two kinds of applications, one for the driver and one for the rider.


The idea of taxi app development is very popular.

With the already existing taxi apps, the concept of the taxi has changed all over the world. People are more comfortable and safe with the apps as they are nonrefusal and safe.

Earlier, people had to wait for a taxi driver to agree to go to the destination. Even if they agreed, they used to collect an unfair amount of money.

However, with the introduction of the taxi apps, people are more comfortable and only pay the fair amount to the driver. It is not easy to build an application just the way the idea pops up.

There are a lot of features that one needs to keep in mind while planning for such a startup. The proper pieces of information are needed to start an application, like the money needed to open such an application, the features required, promotion of the app etc.

The cost to develop a taxi app

According to the mobile app development Dubai money is a big factor when it comes to a taxi app. The money is required in different platforms for different purposes.

The application developers make a huge profit through such applications. The cars to rent or buy for the application also cost a huge amount.

Not only have the cars, but the drivers also played a major role in the business. The behavior of the driver determines the nature and reputation of the application.

Therefore, if not chosen carefully, a lot could be at stake.

Features required developing a taxi app

The features required for a taxi booking app development play a unique role in the business startup. The features that are required to develop a taxi app are listed below.

Location and Maps- the world is changing with growing technology. With the help of maps, we can track the traffic to our workplaces and homes.

Not only that, but any place in the world. The maps also help us to locate places and suggest the best route to reach our destination.

It also helps to choose the kind of automobile that is best to reach the destination at the shortest span of time. In the taxi app development, the location and maps are required in the business to help the driver locate our pickup point and drive us safely and easily avoiding traffic to our destinations.

Payment options- nowadays, in the era of digitalization, people prefer not to carry cash everywhere they go. There comes the use of the payment options.

Online banking and e-wallets are exactly made for these kinds of applications. According to the mobile app development the payment options are very important so that the rider can pay in whichever way feasible.

Online payment option and in-app payment options must be available along with cash.

A module to collect fees from the drivers- just the way the customers can pay their fares through online modes and cash. It is important to set up a module for the drivers to pay the cash amounts to you and you to pay the drivers credit.

It is necessary to make a plan of your own and budget the costs and decide the pay scale of the drivers according to their performances. A subscription to billing cycle help, in that case, no paperwork is needed.

Business Analytics- it is important to keep a track of your business, its growth, and the backlogs. To check the profits and the losses of the company is important.

Since none of the records are in pen and paper, it is important to build an analytical system to keep a track of your business growth. This would help to open ideas with the problems faced by the company.

A track of the bookings, rides, and orders should be checked on a regular basis.

Profile- To verify every account of the users is very important when it comes to online payments. It is important to know the mobile numbers and email ids of the ride.

Not only in cases of online payments but also to keep had they updated about the various deals and offers. The drivers profile is also very important so as to update their license and address in case of any serious circumstances.

The drivers profile also helps the riders to rate them on their service which can gain them with more customers and a good reputed profile.

Help panel- many times there are customer complaints of bad behaviors from the drivers. The rider might face problems or be helpless if they cannot communicate with the app owners or the customer case service officers.

Therefore it is very important to have a customer care support to help the customers and keep them satisfied with the safety and reputation of the application.

Tracking- in the modern days, with the innovation and technology growths, there has been a scare to safety for women and children. People trust the taxi apps to bring home their children safely from school or tuition.

But with the growth of crimes, it is impossible to believe in applications and the drivers. Therefore, tracking feature helps the parents to keep a track of their children, or friends to keep the track of their friends returning home alone at night.

This not only satisfies the client but also brings them a sense of safety.


 Custom mobile application development is not a joke when it comes to serious business. With all the features and encryptions and safety, a taxi app might take 5 to 15 months to take a form.

It is important to make a budget and go ahead with a plan and expert advice. It is important to change the app once in a while gives it new user interface and promote deals and offers to gather traffic.

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