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How Mobile Commerce is transforming businesses?

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Is online shopping on the palm of your hand? All thanks to m-commerce concept! In the present arena, mobile channels have become a significant necessity.

The internet, along with other technological innovations, has precisely amended the way things are done. Even the ordinary tasks can be done in multiple ways and means and this is all because of the advancement in the technology.

Do you remember how people use to shop earlier? There were no online stores but the scenario has been changed completely now. The introduction of e-commerce platforms had made multiple things easier.

This is why e-commerce app development companies are getting higher in demand gradually.

How E-Commerce Market Is Changing?

In 2016, the total number of sales globally reached around $22.049 trillion, which is above 6% from the preceding year, as per the eMarketer forecasts. They have also predicted that sales will go up to $27 trillion in 2020, in spite of annual growth rates getting slow over the subsequent few years.

In addition, the retail e-commerce sales, reached $1.915 trillion in the year of 2016, accounting for 8.7% of whole retail expenditure worldwide and it persists to expand quickly.

The Asia Pacific will stay the largest e-commerce market of the world throughout the anticipated period, with sales predicted to strike $2.725 trillion by 2020.

M-Commerce vs. E-Commerce

Between m-commerce and e-commerce, the former is the novel concept. While e-commerce mostly utilizes computers and needs internet connectivity, m-commerce makes use of mobile devices, including tablets, PDAs, smartphones, and it depends chiefly on the internet connection given through wireless telecommunication networks.

Talking about one of the chief benefits of m-commerce over e-commerce, it is flexibility and portability. You need internet connectivity in e-commerce, which is not necessary for mobile commerce because these gadgets come with their individual connection to the internet with the help of telecommunication networks.

As mobile phones are too minor and more portable, you can literally carry out commercial actions anywhere, even if you don’t have electricity. This implies that the utilization of m-commerce is wider, all thanks to this portability attribute.

The increase of m-commerce has definitely augmented e-commerce as a complete; as users are provided with multiple options on the platform, as well as tools, and a bulk of the restrictions that they have experienced in e-commerce don’t exist in m-commerce.

Advantages of M-Commerce

  • Mobility and Ubiquity

Several app developers are utilizing the best techniques to build innovative mobile apps. They know that mobile commerce includes the utilization of cellular devices or portable mobile, including smartphones, mobile phones, and tablets.

  • Comfort and Convenience

Numerous people favor doing their purchases with their laptop or desktop, in the comfort of individual offices or homes, as a substitute to visiting physical on that store. With m-commerce, there is no requirement to rush as all you need to do is whip out your phones and start shopping.

  • Personalization

There is an enormous amount of information, apps, and services that presently exist on the Internet. Mobile devices are usually used by an only individual.

This is because diverse mobile devices users’ often need dissimilar sets of apps and services. M-commerce services can be personalized to offer information or do services suitably to precise users.

Use of Mobile Commerce

Mobile Banking- Thanks to mobile app development companies who has made it feasible maintain everything in an app. With mobile banking, it is possible to manage your bank accounts, inquire about your bank balance, remit money and carry out with your bank with your mobile phone.

Mobile Browsing and Purchase-Shopping can be executed on your mobile phones and if anything catches your eye, it is possible to right away purchase it during browsing. It can be made faster and simpler if the trader has a mobile app.

Mobile Content Purchase & Delivery-This is not a new concept, as it is one of the initial types of mobile commerce. You can buy mobile content, including ringtones; movies, music, games, wallpapers and applications, and you will get it straightforwardly to your phone.

Mobile ATM-ATM (Automated Teller Machine) transactions, especially, cash-out and cash-in transactions are nowadays measured for a widespread mobile app. At present, just selected countries, as well as mobile organizations, including Hungary’s Vodafone let the payment –via bank card or cash– of phone bills.

Information & Location-Based Services-At times, users may not essentially wish to purchase everything, but they will yet be concerned in receiving information like stock, financial quotes, news, local weather report, TV programming schedules, traffic reports, and movie.

Mobile Advertising-People check their phones quite often as compare they carry out their desktop computers, hence; advertisers and marketers think that they will be capable of catching the interest of their target users better in case they send the marketing and promotional materials straightforwardly to them with their mobile devices.

Wrapping Up

At first, m-commerce was thought to be a dangerous area because of the restrictions of smartphones back then. However, with the passage of time, the issues were solved and the internet has become accessible to several areas.

Now, Android and iOS app Development Companies are capturing half of the market sine m-commerce become the need of the hour!

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