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How much does it cost to build an app like Uber & Ola

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In today's business world, every company is trying to keep itself ahead of its competition by offering easy-to-use Mobile Applications to its users. Availing Mobile App Development Services from a reliable company plays a key role in the success of any apps.

The innovative startup ideas for business are improving and modernizing day by day. In the business world, App Development plays a vital role in being socialized and highlighted.

Every company is trying to make their app user-friendly and easy to use. The important part of an app is its User Interface.

The eye-catching user interface with good marketing strategy and advertisement brings tremendous success to the company.

As companies like Ola and Uber have inspired the business world by their massive service and success, the demand is increasing to build an app like Ola and uber. According to the Top mobile app development companies in India, certain modules are followed to build the taxi booking apps.

There are 3 modules for this type of Applications: -

  • Admin App
  • Passenger App
  • Driver App

Important steps for building apps for Web, Android and iOS  

  • Front-end Development
  • Back-end Development

Frontend Development

Designing is the first stage of frontend development. Total numbers of pages with features are designed for the development references.

The basic features required to design for this type of applications for passengers are:

  • Sign Up: One can sign up via Facebook or Mail.
  • Login: Registered user can log in via their credentials.
  • Choose City: User should choose a city for booking reference.
  • Choose Pickup location: User should set his pickup location to be picked after a successful booking.
  • Choose drop location: User should set his drop location to be dropped.
  • Booking Types: User can book the type of cabs like share, auto, mini, micro, sedan, prime, rentals by choosing from options according to their need.
  • Wallet Money: User can deposit money to app wallet to use it in the time of booking.
  • Chat Support: Chat Support must be there to make communication between the drivers, passengers, and the support team.
  • Payments: Different integrated payment methods must be available for passengers to pay the fare.
  • Ride History: Ride history will show past travel information.
  • Push Notifications: New offers will be notified to the users through push notifications.

The design required for Driver App: -

The additional features to be added for the driver module are to set his visibility areas to accept the booking requests from passengers also chat with them as well as make a call to gather more information about the trip.

The design required for Admin App:-

Admin Dashboard is designed for the Admin access where admin can check the activities, update necessary requirements, Booking activities. Admin has access to the database for updating contents.

Back-end Development

The backend development includes an app for the driver, user and trip statistics and reports. It consists of three parts, Server, Application, Database.

One can file complaints against drivers or see active drivers. In Backend part contents, information regarding offers, services can be dynamically changed.

Backend development is the backbone of App Development. The cost of Backend development always remains higher than in other phases.

In this type of App development API call is the most important part which works as a mediator between user and service provider. Any request that comes from the user is reported to the service provider and the response from the service provider then gets delivered to the user.  

Cost Estimation Chart for App Development


iOS Application

Android Application


Front-end (UI Design)

Rs 35,000-40000

Rs 40,000-45,500

Rs 75,000-90,000

Front-end (UI Development)

Rs 50,500-60,000

Rs 55,500-65,000

Rs 1,06,000-1,25,000

Backend Development

Rs 60,500-70,500

Rs 65,500-75000

Rs 1,25,500-1,45,500


Rs 40,500-50,000

Rs 45,500-55,000

Rs 86,000-1,05,000

Total Cost

Rs 1,86,500-2,21,000

Rs 2,06,500-2,40,500

Rs 3,92,500-4,65,000


The major elements, while building an app are UI design, front-end, and back-end development. While the cost estimation varies from company to company and it also varies based on the app requirements.

If you want to build an app like Ola or Uber, you can search for different Mobile App Development Companies . Choose the company which best fits your budget or you can hire an app developer to complete your project.

Don’t forget to read the reviews of the company before giving them the project.  

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