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Why use AI for designing better Mobile App User Experience?

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Why use AI for designing better Mobile App User Experience?

The use and demand of Smartphone has increased exponentially worldwide, and many of its users use it to connect to the internet. According to a study by the Internet Association, 76% of the population stays connected through their mobile devices throughout the day.

Do you remember what the first thing you did this morning was? Surely it was to turn off the alarm of your cell phone and took advantage to see the portal of your digital newspaper of preference. During the day you will surely continue to consult your device repeatedly: to verify an address, make a bank transfer and for your post give and receive love on your social networks.

The use of Smartphone has increased exponentially worldwide, and many of its users use it to connect to the internet. According to a study by the Internet Association, 76% of the population stays connected through their mobile devices throughout the day.

This represents a great opportunity to promote strategies of Mobile App Development Company, to show some figures:

  • The 87% of revenue comes from advertising Facebook mobile devices.
  • Google accounts for 95% of all clicks on paid search ads on mobile devices.
  • By 2019, mobile advertising is expected to represent 72% of total spending on digital advertising in the US.

Artificial intelligence and Marketing

During 2018, one of the most important trends in mobile marketing was the use of Artificial Intelligence within strategies of Enterprise Mobility Solutions. But how to do it exactly?

When they talk about artificial intelligence, possibly the first thing that comes to your mind is a super handsome and innocent android like the one you showed us in "Ex Machina" (2014) or perhaps a super smart and cunning computer like the one in "2001: Odyssey in space " (1968) - reference for generation X; Millennials if you have not seen it, now is the time - the reality is that AI stopped being fiction and is present more and more in our environment.

Intelligent technology is currently used in many Android Application Development Companies; marketing does not escape this trend. Thanks to the rapid evolution of intelligent tools, they have gained strength and generated more confidence in users, to the point that they have managed to overcome the human being in different specific tasks.

Here are some applications of artificial intelligence in Mobile Marketing tools:

Currently, there are number of software that not only develop content but optimize it to achieve a better connection with visitors of specific web pages, offering content of value and appropriate to their interests. This technique is used by platforms like Amazon through its sales recommendations as "the people who bought X also bought Y." It is also present in the Netflix algorithm when making recommendations for movies or series.

How can you apply it? You can identify the tastes of visitors to your blog and suggest content that relates to their interests, you will surely get them to stay a little longer reading you.

Voice search: Two great advances in artificial intelligence have modified the way we search the internet and search engine optimization (SEO): voice search and Google algorithm (rank brain).

Systems such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple's Siri and Microsoft's Cortana allow searches through a voice command. About 70% of the searches carried out in Google Assistant consist of natural and conversational language.

Google's machine learning algorithm interprets the user's voice searches and using artificial intelligence, shows the best results according to what he interpreted from the user's language and context.

 What should you do? Adapt your digital content for this type of searches: make them friendlier, taking the form in which a user verbally expresses him.

Digital advertising: Artificial Intelligence is present and has been very well exploited by many of the digital advertising tools. For example, the Facebook and Google ad platforms already use machine learning and artificial intelligence to find the people most likely to perform the action the advertiser wants.

To achieve this, they analyze user information such as interests, demographics and other aspects to learn and detect which will be the best audience for the brand.

Chatbots: Android Application Development Company has begun to communicate with their potential customers through messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Slack. It is fast and helps to automate the process of answers to frequently asked questions, facilitating the search of products or services to potential customers.

These bots use natural language processing and machine learning to find the right answer and offer many advantages:

  • Personal attention 24/7
  • Retains customer data
  • They are friendly and never lose patience
  • They respond to various requests from customers at the same time
  • It allows generating high response rates

You do not need to have a high budget to develop a Chatbots. You can use some of the bots’ Facebook tools like, to train bots with example conversations and have them continually learn from their interactions with users.

User experience (UX): a good user experience is what keeps an audience browsing on a site, and if they spend more time interacting with it, the conversion possibilities are greater. Through intelligent algorithms you can customize the experience on a website.

Analyzing data about the same user as location, demographics, devices, interaction with the site, etc.; the Enterprise Mobility Solutions ​​can show offers and contents more suitable for each type of user.

Have you not yet included mobile marketing in your strategy? We share some advantages of Custom Mobile Application Development:

  • It allows you to be available for your clients 24/7
  • You establish direct and immediate communication with your target audience
  • Segment your audience precisely
  • Generate interaction and conversations
  • It's cheaper than mass marketing
  • It has better return on investment
  • It is measurable
  • Provides timely information thanks to geographical location
  • Greater reach and verbalizing potential


It is a fact; Artificial Intelligence can enhances the strategy of Mobile App Development Company, helping you connect better with your potential customers and achieve a greater number of conversions. Surely in the coming years Custom Mobile Application Development will witness an exponential growth of the AI ​​and possibly manage to replicate or overcome the fiction we only hope that we do not have a final as fateful as that of the movies.

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